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Founded in 2001 and originally intended as an online, on-demand, label selling uniquely packaged CDRs, in addition to establishing online stores for niche artists, Burning Shed quickly developed its own label range of fully packaged CDs and DVDs.

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allan mostert - inside world (cdr)

Ex-Quintessence guitarist Allan Mostert makes his Burning Shed debut with his first album release since the 1970s.

"Allan Mostert makes Other World music. Indo-ambient-darkcore-fusion music. Psychedelic essence music. Timeless music. His notes float on a rhythmic heat haze. His tonal poetry will drown you in oceans of bliss. He traces the mirage through the mist. He paints the outerness of innerness. He evokes the holy spirit of Pharoah, the dreamloop-layers of Holger. He sounds like all of these things. He sounds like none of these things." - Rob Chapman


1. horizon 1:10
2. concentric spheres 8:08
3. greenhouse wildlife 2:27
4. aquamarine vision 12:54
5. colours at sunrise 6:16
6. inside world 10:07


all instruments, and programming - allan mostert
recorded in december 2003 at the millhouse studio, germany

Special Thanks to Rob Chapman and Tim Bowness.

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