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g p hall - industrial blue (cdr)

A fascinating collection of eclectic guitar pieces, Industrial Blue is an ideal introduction to the unique talents of GP Hall.
Taking a tasteful, Blues player's instincts into the realms of looping, atmospheric processing and introspective improvs, Industrial Blue showcases a rare UK equivalent to the likes of Steve Tibbetts and Bill Frissell.


1. fahrenheit 451 (2:32)
2. enigmatic (2:07)
3. deep blue (2:35)
4. charmouth beach (2:09)
5. i saw it 2 (1:49)
6. alcheringa (3:53)
7. river flow (8:01)
8. industrial sights (2:11)
9. sorrow (5:41)
10. inferno (4:09)
11. spray of waves (5:11)
12. tsunami (3:03)
13. heat on the horizon (6:18)
14. industrial ghosts (3:55)
15. white wilderness (4:28)
16. hub bub (3:19)
17. dawn chorus city (3:09)
18. steel landscape (2:06)


g p hall all instruments except
dawn chorus city - trumpet dave defries, synthesiser terry disley
"industrial ghosts" - justin ash percussion

tracks 2- 4 & 17 @ pathway studio london by mike finesilver
track 8 @ farheath studio guilsborough, northants by angus wallace
tracks 1-3-5-7-9-10-12&13 @ the white house studio kewstoke
north somerset uk by martin nickols
tracks 6 recorded live @ the spitz london with dummy head
by mike skeet on to mini disc edited @ venue 44
track 14 recorded @ monument park by mike skeet
track 11 direct output from line 6 ax2 212 amplification
on to dat @ monument park by mike skeet
track 16 recorded live with dummy head on to mini disc by
mike skeet @ abingdon marlborough & venue 44 uk
track 18 @ i d studio oxford uk by nigel tonsett
track 15 live on to dat @ october cottage ilmer bucks uk by mike skeet

we were born originals let us not be copies.

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