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tim bowness / samuel smiles - live archive volume two (cdr)

Live Archive Volume Two comprises The Way We Used To Live plus six extra tracks.

A direct to CD recording of a performance from December 2nd 1999, this expanded edition of the highly regarded album by the less than smiley Smiles features a fascinating excerpt of the No-Man classic, Days In The Trees, and a glorious, previously unreleased, rendition of Sorry Looking Soldier.


1. dreaming of babylon (bowness/chilvers)
2. fly (drake)
3. black eyed dog (drake)
4. bottleneck (bearpark/bowness/os)
5. watching intro (bearpark/clifford)
6. watching (over me) (bowness)
7. world of bright futures (bearpark/bowness/chilvers)
8. never lose control (bearpark/bowness)
9. beaten by love (bowness)
10. all that you are (bowness)
11. brightest blue (bowness)

12. sorry looking soldier (bowness)
13. something of you (bowness/chilvers)
14. talk simple (bowness/chilvers)
15. days in the trees (bowness/wilson/fenton)
16. I can't read (gabrels/bowie) RZO Music Ltd
17. black eyed dog II (drake)


Performed and arranged by:

Tim Bowness - vocals
Mike Bearpark - guitar/loops
Peter Chilvers - piano/drum machine
Myke Clifford - saxophones/flute/percussion

1-15 Engineered and mixed by Toby Mills, 16 by Os
1-11 Mastered by Chris Thorpe at Serendipity
12-17 Mastered by Mike Bearpark

Photo by Paul Davis
Cover design by aleph


The Way We Used To Live is a direct to CD recording of a performance
by Tim Bowness and Samuel Smiles at the Cambridge Folk Club on the
evening of December 3rd, 1999. What you get is what actually happened, with, as the gatefold sleeves of all 1970's live doubles will untruthfully tell you, 'no overdubs'.

In our case, for once we're not lying. Maybe it was hubris, maybe it was a barely suppressed admiration for Neil Diamond's 'Love At The Greek' and 'Kiss Alive II', but we felt the time was right for another, less celebrated entry into the rogues gallery of the live album.

After hearing it back for the first time, we hastily scrawled into our respective notebooks, 'some magic, some fluffs'.

Hopefully that's enough.

TJB 3/5/00

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