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marvin ayres - cellosphere (cd)

Originally released on Mille Plateaux's 'classical' imprint Ritornell to great critical acclaim in 1999, Marvin Ayres' 'Cellosphere' is a beautiful and hypnotic fusion of Minimalist sensibilities and unique Ambient sound processes.

Operating somewhere between the spiritual serenity of Gorecki and Part and the electronic adventures of Brian Eno and Aphex Twin, 'Cellosphere' features layers of organic strings filtered through atmospheric distortions and effects, sounding at once both familiar and utterly new.

Now exclusively available via Burning Shed, featuring bonus track 'Sensory', this compelling album remains as essential as ever.

More information available at www.marvinayres.com.

'stimulating' The Wire
'heady serenity' DJ
'thoroughly engaging' Foundsound



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