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Burning Shed Label

Founded in 2001 and originally intended as an online, on-demand, label selling uniquely packaged CDRs, in addition to establishing online stores for niche artists, Burning Shed quickly developed its own label range of fully packaged CDs and DVDs.

Help / FAQ

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Getting Started

  • Create an account or sign in before you can begin downloading.
  • Browse the site using the links on the right hand side.
  • Click buy next to any track you like to add it to your shopping basket.
  • Pay at the checkout.
  • Come back and download your tracks any time over the next 72 hours.

Why are the mp3s larger than most mp3s?

We use higher quality encoding, widely held to produce the highest quality mp3s. It does, however, require a slightly large file size. We believe customers are prepared to wait a bit longer for that extra quality.

What bit rate do you use for you mp3s?

Unless otherwise stated, we use a constant bit rate (CBR) setting of 192kbps. For some higher quality downloads we use constant bit rate up to 320kbps.

What are FLAC files?

Some of our titles are now available in 'FLAC' format. FLAC files are more like ZIP files for audio - they're a way of sending audio at full CD quality, while taking up about 50-80% of the size of uncompressed audio files. Unlike MP3s, there's absolutely no loss of quality. Unfortunately not many things play them! Typically, FLAC files need to first be converted to a WAV or AIFF file (which will play in most players). There are free conversion tools and players for Windows, Mac and Linux here. The easiest ones are further down the page under 'GUI encoding / decoding front ends'.

If you'd prefer to play FLAC files without converting them, WinAmp is popular amongst Windows users, and VLC should run on most platforms (iTunes does not support FLAC). Please note that we cannot offer any support for playing FLAC files on your computer.

Please note: 24 bit FLAC cannot be burned directly to a CD even after converting to a .wav file. The files would need to be down-sampled to 16 bit. Some software is available for undertaking this 24 bit to 16 bit conversion but the best audio quality will always come from using a DVD system if you need to burn the files as the full 24 bit quality will be used. We can't offer support for external software that you may choose to use.

24bit FLAC Split Downloads:
To avoid problems of timeout due to slow connection please download no more than two files at the same time.
Refresh the download page to generate new links before starting a new download or if you get an 'AccessDenied: Request has expired' error.

What are MP4s?

A few of our stores offer MP4 format downloads. MP4s (also known as .m4a and AAC, the audio format used by Apple's iTunes store) sound virtually identical to CD due to their intelligent compression algorithm. They will play on an Apple iPod. If you own a different player, we recommend confirming that it can play MP4 files before proceeding with a purchase.

My album downloaded as a ZIP file - what do I do with it?

A ZIP file will contain all the tracks for an album grouped together. Most recent computers will automatically 'Unzip' these into a new folder when you click on them. If you have an older computer, you may need to use WinZip (PC) or Stuffit Expander (Mac) to expand the files.

I've paid for some downloads. How do I get to them?

You need to sign in to your download account, then you'll see the downloads you've bought in a box marked 'your downloads' on the right hand side of the screen.

Can I still buy credits?

Although the credit scheme proved popular with many of our customers, the majority clearly prefer to simply pay via the shopping basket. Consequently we are phasing out the credits system. If you still have credits in your account, you will still be able to use them on new and existing titles, and buy extra credits if you have insufficient left to buy the download you want. Please contact support@burningshed.com if you have any questions concerning this.

Will the rest of the Burning Shed catalogue be available as mp3s?

For the immediate future the only titles we release will be exclusively available as mp3s.

Can I copy these files?

Yes, you can copy these files to your hard-disk, to your mp3 walkman, burn them on to a CD, even record them onto wax cylinder if you so desire! However, we kindly ask that you do not share downloads with other fans, as the income from these sales is often the only income the artists will receive for these tracks.

Any other problems

Send an email to support@burningshed.com.



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