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Burning Shed Label

Founded in 2001 and originally intended as an online, on-demand, label selling uniquely packaged CDRs, in addition to establishing online stores for niche artists, Burning Shed quickly developed its own label range of fully packaged CDs and DVDs.

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Burning Shed CDRs 2002

Burning Shed CDRs are burnt to order and packaged in a stylish rubber stamped cardboard sleeve with card inlay.

roger eno - getting warmer (cdr)

A beautiful collection of atmospheric vignettes and delicate, folk-inspired melodies, 'Getting Warmer' is the debut Burning Shed release from acclaimed ambient artist Roger Eno.

faceless - different sounds (cdr)

A breezy and charming blend of trip-hop, Dream Pop and chill-out Ibiza, recalling Lovesighs-era No-Man, Air and Propellerheads, this is the third album of infectious beats and limpid melodies from the ever-wonderful Faceless duo.

peter chilvers - stormwatcher (cdr)

A soundtrack inspired by Graham Joyce's fantasy opus 'The Stormwatcher', this album sees the versatile and prolific Chilvers extend his range even further. Fusing elements of ethnic and electronic musics with neo-classical scope and grandeur, 'Stormwatcher' is an instrumental celebration of a powerful literary experience. Fans of Gabriel and Part unite.

darkroom - fallout 2 (cdr)

Featuring Darkroom as duo (Michael Bearpark and Os), Fallout 2 is another collection of hair raising live performances from this impossible to pigeon-hole improv-electronica outfit.

darkroom - fallout 3 (cdr)

Fallout 3 is a celebration of the art of post-production, subjecting
unreleased Darkroom live material to the possibilities of the studio while retaining the music's improvisational spirit.

quoit - plug 8 thrust coil (cdr)

The legendary Mick Harris (Lull/Napalm Death/Bill Laswell) makes his Burning Shed debut with a typically uncompromising take on drum'n'bass.
Dating from the late 1990's and similar in emotional character to his work with Scorn, Quoit brings fresh perspectives to familiar forms and is another milestone in a distinguished career.

paul goodwin - burning shed session (cdr)

Goodwin's burnished blend of downbeat domestic poetry and cracked, acoustic beauty, calls to mind the West Coast 'sadcore' of Red House Painters, American Music Club and Idaho, while never losing sight of its uniquely personal and British origins. Recorded in a day with minimum fuss and few overdubs, the album also features cameo appearances from Peter Chilvers and Sandra O'Neill (Alias Grace). Paul Goodwin's impressive Burning Shed debut offers late night sounds par excellence.

sebastian - hew hoppers base (cdr)

Hew Hopper's Base is a dense, industrial collage of improvised and processed guitars courtesy of Ian Simpson and Lewis Gill. Experimenting on the margins of laptop Electronica, 70's Ambient (Fripp/Eno/Frith) and pioneering psychedelic free jazz (AMM), Sebastian fire their anti-cliché raygun on would be air guitarists everywhere.

michael peters - stretched landscape #1 (cdr)

A continuous suite of processed piano and textures, German composer Michael Peters (primarily, a guitarist) has produced a beguiling work worthy of comparison with the best of Brian Eno's Ambient output. Evocative, emotional and chilled.

burning shed - sampler two (cdr)

This second budget compilation contains tracks from all of recent releases available on the Burning Shed Catalogue, as well as several previously unreleased tracks.

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From fallout 3 (cdr)

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