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Burning Shed Label

Founded in 2001 and originally intended as an online, on-demand, label selling uniquely packaged CDRs, in addition to establishing online stores for niche artists, Burning Shed quickly developed its own label range of fully packaged CDs and DVDs.

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Burning Shed CDRs 2001

Burning Shed CDRs are burnt to order and packaged in a stylish rubber stamped cardboard sleeve with card inlay.

alias grace - storm blue evening (cdr)

Featuring hauntingly melancholy songs adorned with constantly shifting atmospheric arrangements, Alias Grace's second album 'Storm Blue Evening' develops further the intimate and beguiling nature of their charmed debut album and captures perfectly the maturing writing style of Irish singer-songwriter Sandra O'Neill and multi-instrumentalist Peter Chilvers. The album also features cameo appearances from Rob Jackson, Myke Clifford, Mike Bearpark and Tim Bowness.

navigator - noisebox singles (1996-1997) (cdr)

From croon-laden epics to out-rock experiments, this represents a collection of all Navigator's output for the respected Noisebox label..

tim bowness / samuel smiles - live archive one (cdr)

Cheap heartache and high emotion at croon central, guaranteed.

alias grace - embers (cdr)

Debut album by the songwriters with the atmospheric touch, first released in 1998. The album also features 'Talk Simple', a reworking of the lyric of No-Man's 'Tulip', and a guest appearance by Tim Bowness.

rothko - no chart no anchor no rudder no sails (cdr)

Exploring a gentle and impressionistic Durutti Column, Cocteau Twins, Harold Budd and Eberhard Weber territory, this unique combination of haunting textures and loop improvs might just be one of the highly regarded Rothko's finer moments.

darkroom - fallout 1 (cdr)

A seamless blend of treated vocal and guitar, scattergun rhythms and inventive synth experiments which calls to mind an unholy alliance between Fripp/Eno, Photek and Satan himself.

um - pete gregory at home with his bad self (cdr)

Part Bowie, part Baby Bird, part 23rd Century court jester on a George Formby tip. Be afraid - the future of DIY singer-songwriter electronica is among us.

peter chilvers - he wrote this (cdr)

An album of fretless bass and chapman stick compositions from the Henry Fool / Samuel Smiles member, Peter Chilvers, with guest appearances from Tim Bowness and Sandra O'Neill.

os - compilation (cdr)

Moving from Eno-esque Ambience to post-Orb Trance this set comprises the best of Os's work over the last decade.

uxb - urban mutant (cdr)

Burning Shed's very own Pete Morgan's electronic project UXB. Part Ambient Symphony and part breakbeat science, UXB's muse rarely lost sight of the melody.

burning shed - sampler one (cdr)

A budget compilation containing tracks from all of the albums currently available on the Burning Shed Catalogue, also featuring several previously unreleased tracks.



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From storm blue evening (cdr)

From noisebox singles (1996-1997) (cdr)

From embers (cdr)

From no chart no anchor... (cdr)

From pete gregory at home... (cdr)

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From urban mutant (cdr)