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The Pineapple Thief  - Tightly Unwound (2CD)

Part of the Kscope 5th anniversary celebrations, Tightly Unwound - the first album released on Kscope - has been reissued as a double cd.

Remastered, remixed and featuring a bonus disc (including both Dawn Raids EP less the Tightly Unwound single edit and also including an acoustic version of Shoot First), this new version is presented in a digibook package.


"Our world was very different 5 years ago. The Pineapple Thief was very much an underground affair, with a small but loyal band of followers. Kscope, a name conjured up by Steven Wilson as a play on kaleidoscope, didn't exist as a label back then. It was only when Steven introduced us that the concept of a dedicated label was born, and we were lucky enough to be their first signing. The band was effectively reborn on that day. Now, after 5 years, the label has become a huge part of the post-progressive renaissance. As I sit here in my studio remixing this album, my mind is cast back to 2008 when we were playing a launch gig for Tightly Unwound, in front of 40 people in pub in London. How different our world is now." - Bruce Soord


CD 1 - Tightly Unwound (Remixed and remastered):

1. My Debt to You
2. Shoot First
3. Sinners
4. Tightly Wound
5. The Sorry State
6. My Bleeding Hand
7. Different World
8. And So Say All of You
9. Too Much to Lose

CD 2 - The Dawn Disc:

1. Bitter Day
2. February 13th
3. Too Far Gone
4. Freefall
5. The West Coast
6. Second Chance
7. Tightly Wound (acoustic version)
8. Shoot First (acoustic version)



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