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The Pineapple Thief - Variations On A Dream (double CD)

Originally released in 2004, Variations On A Dream was The Pineapple Thief's third studio album.

Re-mixed and re-mastered by Bruce Soord, this 2011 Kscope edition also comes with beautiful new artwork and packaging. This re-release also features the original bonus disc '8 Days' that was originally limited to just 1000 pressings

‘’Soord sounds rounded and complete, plaintive yet enigmatic, like the rest of the original album, it’s the sound of the artist fully formed.’’ CLASSIC ROCK PRESENTS PROG

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CD 1 - Variations On A Dream:

1. We Subside
2. This Will Remain Unspoken
3. Vapour Trails
4. Run Me Through
5. The Bitter Pill
6. Resident Alien
7. Sooner Or Later
8. Part Zero
9. Keep Dreaming
10. Remember Us

CD 2 - 8 Days:

1. Sunday November 3rd
2. Monday November 4th
3. Tuesday November 5th
4. Wednesday November 6th
5. Thursday November 7th
6. Friday November 8th
7. Saturday November 9th - 14:11
8. Saturday November 9th - 21:16
9. Sunday November 10th
10. Sunday November 10th - 14:20



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