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Sweet Billy Pilgrim - We Just Did What Happened And No-One Came (vinyl)

A 2016 Kscope reissue of SBP's critically rated debut album, We Just Did What Happened And No-One Came

As far as underground heroes go, few are more critically acclaimed, yet hidden from the mainstream eye, than Sweet Billy Pilgrim. Loved by their fans and revered by the kind of tastemakers whose opinions adorn adverts and posters on a regular basis, the four-piece have always sat firmly but unwittingly on the very fringes of commercial success. Over an almost decade-long career the band's star has glimmered quite literally from a shed in Aylesbury, the birthplace of its debut album with the prescient title We Just Did What Happened And No-One Came.

The first release of a Kscope SBP reissue campaign for Sweet Billy Pilgrim, this 2016 version has been remastered by Tim Elsenburg, has new - re-imagined - cover artwork and features sleeve notes written by Elsenburg.

180g black vinyl version.


1. Atlantis [3:33]
2. Stars Spill Out Of Cups [6:28]
3. God In The Details [5:21]
4. In The Water I Am Beautiful [3:14]
5. Deshonrado [4:14]

1. No Jesus In Here [4:52]
2. Experience [4:50]
3. Black Flag [4:57]
4. Atropina [5:15]



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