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Gazpacho - Missa Atropos (cd)

A 2016 mid-price reissue of the 2011 studio release from acclaimed Norwegian Post-Progressive band Gazpacho (its first for the Kscope label).

CD in digipak with 4 page colour booklet.

"A delightfully mellifluous selection. They won't be Norway's best kept secret much longer" Jerry Ewing, Prog Magazine


1. Mass For Atropos I
2. Defense Mechanism
3. I Was Never Here
4. Snail
5. River
6. Mass For Atropos II
7. Missa Atropos
8. She's Awake
9. Vera
10. Will to Live
11. Mass for Atropos III
12. Splendid Isolation
13. An Audience



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