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Nordic Giants - A Seance Of Dark Delusions (cd/dvd-v)

The Nordic Giants' 2015 debut release A Seance Of Dark Delusions offers beautifully apocalyptic soundscapes inspired by the musical experimentation and atmosphere of the likes of Sigur Ros, Bjork and Pink Floyd.

Combining orchestral brutality, Progressive guitar, powerful beats and haunting electronics, though mostly instrumental, A Seance Of Dark Delusions features vocal contributions from Saturday Sun, Nadine Wild Palmer, Freyja, and Beth Cannon.

A CD/DVD package, the bonus DVD features a 15 minute documentary including behind the scenes footage from the recording , interviews with the producer and artwork designer, plus live footage taken from their recent 'Spirit' digital mapping show in Brighton, UK and three stunning videos.



1. Elysian Skies [3:57]
2. Evolve Or Perish [5:56]
3. Rapture feat. Beth Cannon [4:01]
4. Give Flight To The Imagination feat. Freyja [5:11]
5. Dissolve feat Saturday Sun [5:29]
6. Illuminate [6:21]
7. Futures Dark feat. Nadine Wild-Palmer [4:36]
8. Black Folds [3:23]
9. A Thousand Lost Dreams [7:47]


1. Seance Documentary [15:50]
2. The Last Breath - Through a Lens Darkly [10:32]
3. Year Zero - A Thousand Lost Dreams [6:41]
4. Shine feat Cate Ferris [4:12]



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