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Gavin Harrison - Cheating The Polygraph (cd/dvd-v digipak plus 180g vinyl bundle)

Legendary Porcupine Tree drummer Gavin Harrison reimagines the band's catalogue in brilliant and surprising ways.

Boasting performances from some of the World's best contemporary Jazz players, PT classics such as Heart Attack In A Layby and Hatesong take on new life in striking arrangements by the album's co-producer Laurence Cottle (ex Bill Bruford's Earthworks, Alan Parsons Project etc).

A labour of love, recorded over a period of five years, Cheating The Polygraph features long-term GH collaborators such as Dave Stewart and Gary Sanctuary and provides an ideal means of appreciating the both the flexibility and timelessness of Porcupine Tree's legacy, as well as the full scope of Gavin Harrison's immense talent.

Bundle of cd/dvd-v digipak and 180gm heavyweight vinyl editions.


What Happens Now?
Sound Of Muzak/So Called Friend
The Start Of Something Beautiful
Heart Attack In A Layby/The Creator Had A Mastertape/Surfer
The Pills Iím Taking (from Anesthetize)
Cheating The Polygraph/Mother & Child Divided



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