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Henry Fool - Henry Fool (CD)

The Kscope edition of Henry Fool's long unavailable debut album from 2001.

Remastered by award-winning engineer Andy Jackson, this version comes with new artwork by I Monster's Jarrod Gosling and a booklet featuring sleeve notes by founder members Tim Bowness and Stephen Bennett.

A distinctive combination of 60's/70's Progressive influences (Gabriel-era Genesis/Pink Floyd/Soft Machine), Ambient experiments and hard-hitting group improvisations (King Crimson/Mogwai/Miles Davis), the album was released 12 years prior to its critically acclaimed successor Men Singing.

Alongside Bennett and Bowness, other contributions come from Brian Eno collaborator Peter Chilvers, No-Man live guitarist Michael Bearpark, Myke Clifford (sax/flute) and Pendragon/Steve Hackett drummer Fudge Smith.

Two tracks were mixed by Steven Wilson, Tim Bowness's partner in No-Man.

'A nice blend that takes inspiration from the rich symphonic source of the late 60s-early 70s with references to Genesis, Pink Floyd and Soft Machine and group improvisations a la King Crimson.'- IO Pages

'Consummate musicians all, the Fool can turn their hand to any genre they fancy.' - Record Collector

'The music stretches from Porcupine Tree like soft dreamy prog all the way to sharp edged King Crimson noise. Strongly recommended.' The Missing Piece (US)

'A damn good album, modern but with traditional touches.' - Andy Thompson (Ultimate Mellotron Recordings List)

'Proves that the ideas fired by the wild-eyed enthusiasm of the 1960s can still be relevant in a contemporary framework.' - Progress (US)

'Including the smooth enchanting voice of Tim Bowness, this makes for an interesting album for anyone into No-Man and Porcupine Tree. Highly recommended.' - New Horizons


1. Friday Brown (1:04)
2. Bass Pig (3:00)
3. Poppy Q (2:43)

4. a) Midnight Days (2:21)
5. b) Blindman One (1:14)
6. c) Poppy Z (3:05)
7. d) Blindman Two (2:11)
8. e) Grounded (4:37)

9. The Laughter That Turned To Ice (3:46)
10. Jazz Monkey (2:59)
11. Judy On The Brink (3:12)
12. The David Warner Wish List (3:50)
13. Heartattack (3:46)
14. The Mellow Moods Of Malcolm Mcdowell (6:53)
15. Dreamer's Song (3:46)
16. Tuesday Weld (3:01)



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