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Henry Fool - The Free Henry Fool Download EP (mp3 download)

The Free Henry Fool Download EP comprises the video edit of Everyone In Sweden from Men Singing, two Steven Wilson mixed tracks from Henry Fool's long-deleted 2001 debut, plus an exclusive unreleased piece, A Canterbury Scene.

As its title suggests, this tasty 'taster' download EP is available for free.

'Take 60's/70's influences such as early Floyd, Soft Machine and VDGG and mix them with Rain Tree Crow and late King Crimson. One of the most interesting Prog bands to come out of the UK in recent years.' - Feedback Magazine

File Size: 21.0 MB.


1. Everyone In Sweden - Video Edit (4.02)
2. Poppy Q (2.43)
3. A Canterbury Scene (3.15)
4. Heartattack (3.46)


Tim Bowness - Guitar on Everyone In Sweden, Vocals and Guitar on Heartattack
Stephen Bennett - Keyboards, Bass on A Canterbury Scene

Michael Bearpark - Guitar on Everyone In Sweden
Andrew Booker - Drums on Everyone In Sweden and A Canterbury Scene
Peter Chilvers - Bass on Everyone In Sweden, Poppy Q and Heartattack
Myke Clifford - Saxophone and Flute on Everyone In Sweden
Jarrod Gosling - Glockenpspiel, Mellotron and Bass Moog on Everyone In Sweden, Treatments on A Canterbury Scene
Phil Manzanera - Guitar on Everyone In Sweden
Fudge Smith - Drums on Poppy Q and Heartattack

Writing Credits:

1. Everyone In Sweden (Bearpark, Bennett, Booker, Bowness, Chilvers, Clifford, Manzanera)
2. Poppy Q (Bowness)
3. A Canterbury Scene (Bennett)
4. Heartattack (Bowness, Bennett)

Produced by Bennett/Bowness, except Track 3, produced by Bennett.

1 and 3 mixed by Jarrod Gosling
2 and 4 mixed by Steven Wilson



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