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Amplifier - Echo Street (Deluxe Edition 2CD hard back ltd ed book)

Two years after the release of their acclaimed third album The Octopus, Manchester-based Amplifier return on the mighty Kscope label with their most focused album to date, Echo Street.

The band's first release with its new four-piece line-up, Echo Street begins with four truly epic pieces, Matmos, The Wheel, Extra Vehicular and Where The River Goes, before entering more subtle and reflective territory - Paris In The Spring, the atmospheric Floyd-tinged title track, and the vocal harmony driven Between Today And Yesterday - and climaxing with the anthemic and uplifting Mary Rose.

The core band, Sel Balamir (guitars) and Matt Brobin (drums), re-emerge in a very different context - a four-piece line-up that has encouraged a subtle shift in Amplifier's style allowing the band to mix its epic space rock sensibility with more melodic songs incorporating three-part vocal harmonies (sung by Sel, former Oceansize man Steve Durose and bassist Alex "Magnum" Redhead).

Mixed by Chris Sheldon and mastered by Jon Astley.

"We are extraordinarily pleased with Echo Street. We didn't think that we could better The Octopus, but I think that Echo Street has a timeless quality about it. It's probably the Amplifier album that most people will know with time. There's something really special about it..." - Sel Balamir

This deluxe two disc edition of Echo Street - packaged in a 60 page hardback book - features the new Sunriders EP an additional record of new tunes, exclusive to this release.


Disc 1 - Echo Street:

1. Matmos
2. The Wheel
3. Extra Vehicular
4. Where The River Goes
5. Paris In The Spring
6. Between Today And Yesterday
7. Echo Street
8. Mary Rose

Disc 2 - Sunriders EP:

1 Spaceman
2 Sunriders
3 Never And Always
4 Close


Mixed by Chris Sheldon and mastered by Jon Astley



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