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Gazpacho - Night (2CD in digibook)

A deluxe re-mastered double cd edition of the most celebrated album by acclaimed Norwegian post-progressive band, Gazpacho.

Consisting of one long song in five parts, Night was the band's first major conceptual work.

The album has been re-mastered for this Kscope and is packaged in a deluxe digi-book and comes with a bonus disc.

The second disc features powerful live versions of Night's opening three tracks, recorded at the Gloria Theatre in Cologne during the March Of Ghosts tour.



1. Dream of Stone (17:00)
2. Chequered Light Buildings (6:34)
3. Upside Down (9:41)
4. Valerie's Friend (6:29)
5. Massive Illusion (13:37)


1. Dream Of Stone (Live)
2. Chequered Light Buildings (Live)
3. Upside Down (Live)



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