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Ulver - Live In Concert At The Norwegian National Opera (dvd / blu-ray)

Taken from the band's landmark show at the Norwegian National Opera House in Oslo, this is a stunning concert from Norway's legendary purveyors of Dark Symphonic Art Rock.

Presented in high definition, Live in Concert features the gig on both DVD and Blu-ray discs.

This DVD is NTSC, region free ("0")


1. Moon Piece
2. Eos
3. Let The Children Go
4. Little Blue Bird
5. Rock Massif Part 2
6. For The Love Of God
7. Operator
8. In The Red
9. England
10. Funebre
11. Hallways Of Always
12. Theme From Silence Teaches You How To Sing
13. A Cold Kiss (Porn Piece Part 2)
14. A Memorable Fancy (The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell, Plates 16-17)
15. Like Music
16. Not Saved
17. Legs Piece



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