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Blackfield - Blackfield II

This is the second collaboration between Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree/No-Man) and acclaimed Israeli songwriter Aviv Geffen.

Following the success of their debut release, the band's second album continues with 10 more highly crafted songs of beauty, power, and melancholia.

An exceptional production, full of glorious hooks, lush harmony vocals and edgy guitars.


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1. Once (4.03)
2. 1,000 People (3.54)
3. Miss U (4.13)
4. Christenings (4.37)
5. This Killer (4.06)
6. Epidemic (4.59)
7. My Gift of Silence (4.05)
8. Some Day (4.22)
9. Where is My Love? (2.59)
10. End of the World (5.13)

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