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Travis & Fripp - Follow (cd/dvd-a)

Follow was Travis & Fripp's third collaboration.

With its multiple layers of woodwind and quadraphonic guitar, carefully placed around the larger sonic space, the album was largely conceived for surround sound (it also works perfectly in stereo).

The wide range of wind instruments, guitar sounds and electronics available to the players have enabled them to perform in a number of settings from cathedrals to small churches to rock clubs. Elements taken from live performances and studio recordings happily co-mingle. A multi-tracked solo Travis piece (Hear Our Voices) flows into an overdubbed Frippertronics piece (1979 named after the year in which the guitars were performed and recorded), while the album closes with a guitar/saxophone call and response stomp which features some of the most ferocious RF soloing of the last decade.

The challenge of drawing the material from such disparate sources into a fully formed cohesive album was presented, unsurprisingly, to Steven Wilson. Theo Travis featured on Steven Wilson's most recent studio album Grace for Drowning (2011) and is a member of the band that recently completed a world tour in support of the album, while Wilson's remixing of the King Crimson catalogue (2009-present) in stereo and Surround sound with Robert Fripp has won universal praise.

Follow is presented as a CD/DVD-A edition. The hybrid DVD-A format allows for the presentation of the music in 5.1 Surround Sound and high-resolution stereo. This can be played on any DVD-A player. A DTS 5.1 Surround layer enables playback on any DVD player with a multi-channel facility. Three extra tracks including an extended version of 1979 from the album also feature. The disc is completed via the inclusion of the only footage of the duo performing live, shot for archive purposes in concert in churches in Cornwall in October 2010.

The packaging echoes the King Crimson 40th anniversary series, with gatefold digipak, booklet with sleeve-notes, technical notes and photos in slipcase.

Follow has been mixed and mastered by Steven Wilson, and the dvd-a features three bonus tracks plus live concert footage and the album in 24 bit high definition stereo and DTS and MLP (lossless) 5.1 surround sound.

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1. Soaring and Gliding
2. Dark Clouds
3. When The Rains Fall
4. Hear Our Voices
5. 1979
6. Open Land
7. Return to Saturn
8. Rotary Symmetrical
9. So There


* The album in 24 bit high definition stereo and DTS and MLP (lossless) 5.1 surround sound.

* Live concert footage

* Bonus Tracks:

1. Forgotten Days
2. Vivid 17
3. 1979 (alt. edit)



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