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Giles, Giles & Fripp - The Cheerful Insanity Of Giles, Giles & Fripp (cd)

Eclectic's remastered and expanded edition of the Psychedelic/Pop album oddity by Michael Giles, Peter Giles and Robert Fripp features six bonus tracks and detailed liner notes.

This eccentric 1968 album marked the peculiar starting point for members of the soon to be formed King Crimson.

Combining elements of Psychedelic Pop, (sometimes evoking Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd) and Lounge Jazz with a whimsical sense of surreal humour, the album stands as an inspired one of a kind.

Tracks such as the complex Suite No. 1 and the lyrical Under The Sky hint at the majestic King Crimson music to come.


The Saga of Rodney Toady:

1. North Meadow (2:29)
2. Newly-Weds (2:07)
3. One in a Million (2:25)
4. Call Tomorrow (2:31)
5. Digging My Lawn (1:50)
6. Little Children (2:48)
7. The Crukster (1:35)
8. Thursday Morning (2:50)

Just George:

9. How Do They Know (2:14)
10. Elephant Song (3:15)
11. The Sun Is Shining (3:06)
12. Suite No. 1 (5:33)
13. Erudite Eyes (5:05)

Bonus Tracks:

14. She Is Loaded (3:11)
15. Under the Sky (4:01)
16. One in a Million (mono single) (2:25)
17. Newly-Weds (mono single) (2:44)
18. Thursday Morning (mono single) (2:57)
19. Thursday Morning (stereo single) (2:57)



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