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Robert Fripp - At The End Of Time (Churchscapes - Live in England & Estonia, 2006) (cd)

Robert Fripp?s commitment to the art of improvisation has been a significant feature of his performances throughout a professional career spanning some 40 years. From the earliest incarnation of King Crimson in the late 60s through to the most recent band lineup this decade, improvisation has been a key element in the development of the band, its material and the interaction of the individual players. While this was not always apparent in the studio recordings of the time, the variety of live recordings issued of the various Crimson lineupsin recent years has helped identify and highlight the significance of the role of improv.

With his parallel solo career and collaborations with Brian Eno, improvisation has always been central to the material from the Frippertronics concerts and albums in the 70s, to the more recent and now familiar Soundscapes concerts and recordings from the last 15 years or so. While Soundscapes can and have been presented in conventional concert settings ? as they have been as part of the G3 tour, with the likes of Porcupine Tree and as part of The Big Chill festival ? the music undoubtedly benefits from being presented in environments more suited to ambient, improvised sound.

Churchscapes, as the name implies, is the performance of Soundscapes in churches and cathedrals. The choice of venues is deliberate. The music is informed by the space provided and utilizes that space in return, the intent of the composer to produce a form of ?devotional music? as ?personal thanksgiving? as mentioned in the sleevenotes.

Drawn from a series of performances in churches and cathedrals in England and Estonia in 2006, ?At The End Of Time? is a beautiful and atmospheric chronicle of a unique tour.

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1. Threshold Bells: St. Paul?s
2. At The End Of Time: St. Paul?s
3. Evensong: Tallin     
4. Evensong Coda: Tallin
5. At The End Of Time: Broad Chalke
6. Evensong: Viljandi
7. Evensong Coda: Viljandi
8. Futureshift: Haapsalu
9. Evensong: Haapsalu
10. Evensong Coda: Haapsalu



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