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KoMaRa - KoMaRa (cd)

David Kollar (guitar, bass, electronic textures), Pat Mastelotto (drums) and Paolo Raineri (trumpet & audio mangling) are KoMaRa.

The band's self-titled debut album is based on a dark, deviant and explicit detective story. It reflects the mysterious circumstances of an abduction and the ultimate demise of the abductee. The recording is predominantly instrumental but includes occasional vocals by Raineri, Leashya and Bill Munyon.

The unnerving artwork byTool's Adam Jones underlines the album's provocative theme.

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1. Dirty Smelly
2. 37 Forms
3. A Collision of Fingerprints
4. She Sat in Black Silt
5. 2CFAC
6. Pasquinade
7. Abraso
8. God Has Left This Place
9. Afterbirth
10. Inciting Incidents



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