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Pete Sinfield - Still (double cd)

An expanded double disc edition of Pete Sinfield's eccentric and beguiling 1973 solo album.

Featuring guest performances from the likes of Greg Lake, John Wetton, Ian Wallace, Keith Tippett and Mel Collins, though more whimsical in nature, Still shares stylistic similarities with King Crimson's Islands and Lizard.

Contains detailed sleeve notes.


Disc One:

1. The Song of the Sea Goat (6:08)
2. Under the Sky (4:24)
3. Will It Be You (2:42)
4. Wholefood Boogie (3:40)
5. Still (4:45)
6. Envelopes of Yesterday (6:19)
7. The Piper (2:51)
8. A House of Hopes and Dreams (3:57)
9. The Night People (7:56)

Disc Two - Early mixes and bonus tracks:

Hanging Fire
Still (1st mix)
The Song of the Sea Goat
Under the Sky
Wholefood Boogie
Envelopes of Yesterday
The Piper
A House of Hopes and Dreams
The Night People
Still (2nd mix)
Can You Forgive a Fool?


- Peter Sinfield / vocals, guitar (12 String), synthesizer, guitar (acoustic), guitar (producer, main performer, cover design)
- Min / drums, percussion
- Chris Pyne / trombone
- Stanley Roderick / trumpet
- W.G. Snuffy Walden / guitar
- Ian Wallace / drums, drums (Snare)
- Tim Hinckley / piano (electric), piano
- Snuffy / guitar (electric)
- Brian Flowers / synthesizer
- Don Honeywill / saxophone (Baritone)
- Keith Christmas / guitar
- Greg Lake / guitar (electric), vocals, vocals (background), associate producer, mixing, guitar
- Robin Miller / Wind, cor Anglais
- Greg Bowen / trumpet
- Richard Brunton / guitar (electric), guitar (acoustic), guitar
- Boz Burrell / bass
- B.J. Cole / guitar (Steel)
- Brian Cole / guitar (Steel), guitar
- Mel Collins / celeste, flute (Alto), flute (bass), saxophone, saxophone (Alto), saxophone (Baritone), saxophone (Tenor), Wind, brass, flute (arranger, associate producer, mixing)
- Steve Dolan / guitar (bass), bass
- Tim Hinkley / piano (electric), piano
- Don Honeywell / saxophone, saxophone (Baritone)
- Phil Jump / Glockenspiel, keyboards, organ (Hammond), piano (electric), organ, synthesizer, piano
- The Box / guitar (bass)
- John Wetton / drums, guitar (bass), Fuzz bass, bass, percussion
- Keith Tippett / guitar (bass), piano



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