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King Crimson - The Collectable King Crimson Vol. 2: Live in: Bath 1981, Philadelphia 1982 (2CD)

Adrian Belew: Guitar & Vocal
Bill Bruford: Drums & Percussion
Robert Fripp: Guitar
Tony Levin: Bass Guitar & Stick

Discipline Live in Bath, UK, April 30th 1981
King Crimson Live in Philadelphia, USA July 30th 1982

Few bands? first gigs are recorded ? even as bootlegs. Fewer still would bear much scrutiny beyond curiosity value. The 1980s lineup of King Crimson, barely a month old & so new they hadn?t even settled on a name, performed two warm up gigs before embarking on their first tour proper at Moles Club in Bath. This audio restored bootleg presents the first of those concerts. All of the material from the soon to be recorded Discipline album is featured, alongside the debut live performance of Red (the original studio recording came after the 1974 lineup?s final tour) & a single concert classic from the earlier era in Larks? Tongues in Aspic Part II. The audio quality may lack something but the performance more than compensates. A new lineup, a new agenda & new material played with all the enthusiasm & power of a band of individual musicians just discovering how well they work together.

Fifteen months later to the day & barely a week into their third US tour, the same lineup is recorded, this time on an eight-track multi channel system. The material presented at the Moles debut gig is all here, though now matured by constant touring. The Discipline album was already regarded as a contemporary classic & is performed here in its entirety alongside Red, Larks? II & four pieces from the just issued Beat album. Mixed from the original tapes in 2004, this is a key performance from one of the era?s key bands.

Beginning in 1998, King Crimson released a series of ?Beat the Bootlegger? CDs via subscription to a mail order only Collector?s Club. Presenting recordings drawn from the band?s own extensive high quality concert tape archive, rehearsal tapes & audio restored bootlegs of historic recordings, the Club series became highly popular. Recognising that subscription/mail order does not suit everyone, the Collectable King Crimson series aims to make the best of that series available to all. Each title has a description of the source & quality of the audio on the outer sleeve. Most titles in the series, including this one, are issued for a limited period only & sold at a special price.


CD1: Discipline Live in Bath April 1981
1 Discipline
2 Thela Hun Gingeet
3 Red
4 Elephant Talk
5 Matte Kudasai
6 The Sheltering Sky
7 Indiscipline
8 Frame by Frame
9 Larks? Tongues in Aspic Part II

CD2: King Crimson Live in Philadelphia, July 1982
1 Thela Hun Gingeet
2 Red
3 The Howler
4 Frame by Frame
5 Matte Kudasai
6 The Sheltering Sky
7 Discipline
8 Elephant Talk
9 Indiscipline
10 Neurotica
11 Heartbeat
12 Sartori in Tangier
13 Larks? Tongues in Aspic Part II



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