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Bruford - One Of A Kind

One Of A Kind, from 1979, is one of the most celebrated Bruford-related offerings.

Featuring the classic quartet of Bruford, Dave Stewart, Jeff Berlin and Allan Holdsworth, the album demonstrated a consistency and purity of vision that fully reflected the band's ongoing creative growth and maturity.

"A monumental step in the drummer's career, perhaps the greatest one, here is a branch from the progressive rock history tree that should not be overlooked." - Michael Ezzo, Expose.


Available on cd and vinyl

The re-mastered cd edition features bonus track, Manacles.


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1. Hell's Bells (3:33)
2. One of a Kind, Pt. 1 (2:20)
3. One of a Kind, Pt. 2 (4:04)
4. Travels With Myself - And Someone Else (6:13)
5. Fainting in Coils (6:33)
6. Five G (4:46)
7. The Abingdon Chasp (4:54)
8. Forever Until Sundary (5:51)
9. The Sahara of Snow, Pt. 1 (5:18)
10. The Sahara of Snow, Pt. 2 (3:24)

Bonus track:

11. Manacles


Bill Bruford / acoustic & electronic drums and percussion
Jeff Berlin / bass and vocals
Allan Holdsworth / guitar
Dave Stewart / keyboards and synths



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