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Quodia - The Arrow

Quodia, featuring Trey Gunn (King Crimson) and Joe Mendelson (Rise Robots Rise) is, 'A synthesis of music, theatre, video art, and animation; a psychedelic contemporary parable.' (BBC Moscow).

Using video projection and live instruments (including 10 string touch guitar, keyboards, and electronic percussion) Quodia creates an experience that is part movie, part theatre, and part concert.

The music for The Arrow (2007) is divided into seven chapters, containing the entire piece in audio form.

'Channeling both Brian Eno and Jack Kerouac, Quodia unfolds an elegant spectacle, telling histories with surprise, mystery, fear, and salvation. A loaded weapon of the future.' - Toma Review

'Sounding like a mix of Tangerine Dream and King Crimson, with compelling and captivating moods and atmospheres.' - Windhawk

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1. We Began With A Woman (4:24)
2. The Arrow (1:26)
3. A Boy Comes By (2:43)
4. Sitting On The Bank (7:50)
5. Thick And Thorny (2:37)
6. I Saw Two Hands (8:25)
7. When The Fire Was Slow (2:32)
8. He Stood In The Rain (5:05)
9. Set Loose Upon The Water (2:00)
10. Water Woman (10:47)
11. The First Sign (11:21)
12. Chained (3:36)
13. After The Village (7:38)


- Trey Gunn / voice, touch guitar
- Joe Mendelson / keyboards, electronic percussion, treated voice

Guest musicians:

- Azam Ali / voice
- Matt Chamberlain / drums, percussion
- Michelle Kinney / cello
- Pat Mastelotto / drums, percussion
- Dave Revelli / percussion
- Regina Spektor / voice
- Bear Spektor / voice
- Gino Yevjdevich / voice



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