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The Michael Giles MAD Band - In The Moment

The second album from The Michael Giles MAD Band adds pianist supreme (and occasional King Crimson collaborator) Keith Tippett into the mix.

Sometimes challenging, sometimes lyrical, and sometimes playfully humorous, In The Moment is a collection of contemporary improvised music, which moves skilfully between Free Jazz and Free Rock territory.

"In a spirit of freedom, The MAD Band explores the universe of sound, silence, space and time." - Michael Giles


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1. Grand Graffiti
2. Why Not
3. Heavy Metal On Sunday
4. The Track Less Travelled
5. Water Colour Mystery
6. Guess What
7. Fat Cat Casino
8. Highly Strung
9. Three Four All
10. Boots And Ballgowns
11. Taxi To The Moon
12. Care And Attention
13. Hot Pursuit
14. And Yet (In The Fullness Of Time)


Michael Giles - Drums, Percussion, Voice
Adrian Chivers - Found Sounds, Horns
Daniel Pennie - Guitar, Prepared Guitar, Loops
Keith Tippett - Piano, De-tuned Piano, Fun Machine



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