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Fripp & Eno

Fripp & Eno - The Equatorial Stars (cd)

Allowing Fripp & Eno the opportunity to redefine the Ambient/Electronica genre they helped launch, 'The Equatorial Stars' consists of seven glistening and meticulously crafted soundscapes.

Fripp & Eno - Beyond Even (1992 - 2006) (Limited edition) (2CD)

?Beyond Even? is a series of musical snapshots, ideas, tunes and pieces, selected by Brian Eno from 14 years of unfettered Fripp & Eno studio adventures.

Most pieces are issued for the first time on CD.

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Fripp & Eno - No Pussyfooting (re-mastered & expanded edition) (2CD)

A re-mastered and expanded edition of an Ambient music touchstone.

Fripp & Eno - Evening Star (re-mastered) (cd)

Fripp & Eno's classic second album in re-mastered form.

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