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king crimson books

Andrew Keeling - The Concise Musical Guide to King Crimson and Robert Fripp (1969 - 1984)

Following his successful and massively detailed technical guides to albums such as In The Court Of The Crimson King, Andrew Keeling has written a more accessible introduction to the music of King Crimson for the general reader.

Available with colour pictures on white uncoated paper, or black and white pictures on cream uncoated paper

"Wow!" - Robert Fripp

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Bill Bruford - The Autobiography - Signed (Foruli edition) (book)

A candid, intelligent and often humorous reflection on the drummer's lot, Bill Bruford's best-selling autobiography is not only a fascinating account of his varied professional career with Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, Earthworks and others, it's also a brilliant and thorough answer to the eternal dinner party question, "Yes, but what is it that you actually do?"

This is the Foruli edition, which has a new 1100 word prologue, plus additional photos and a different layout from the Jawbone original.

All copies sold through the Bill Bruford store are signed by Bill.

Prog - Prog Issue 32 (magazine with cd)

Issue 32 of Prog features King Crimson on the cover and contains an in depth article and interviews relating to the band's astonishing debut, In The Court Of The Crimson King.

Robert Fripp exclusively writes and speaks for the magazine.

Interviews / reviews include Devin Townshend, Keith Emerson, 'the albums that built Prog' and more.

The covermount cd features King Crimson, Lo-Fi Resistance, Kompendium, Dave Brock and others.

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Andrew Keeling - Musical Guide to Larks' Tongues In Aspic by King Crimson (book)

Generously illustrated with photographs and musical notation diagrams, this is the third in the series of Andrew Keeling's informative and insightful guides to the secret mechanics that power the mysterious music of King Crimson.

"Dr. Keeling continues to bring his critical skills to bear in this, the latest in his series of Musical Guides. A necessary addition to the shelves of anyone interested in approaching the music of King Crimson." -Robert Fripp.

"This is a distinctively personal, affectionate but utterly convincing musical analysis and it is a ground-breaking piece of musicology." - David Cross.

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Andrew Keeling - Musical Guide to In The Wake of Poseidon by King Crimson and McDonald and Giles by McDonald and Giles (Book)

Andrew Keeling's second guide to the work of King Crimson provides an informative insight into the innovative music of one of the most uncompromising Rock groups of all time.

The guide takes you through the complexities of the music revealing the unique harmonies, counterpoints and rhythms that went together to make "In The Wake Of Poseidon" and "McDonald and Giles".

Generously illustrated with photographs and musical notation diagrams.

"King Crimson is fortunate to have its music as expertly considered as this." - Robert Fripp

Andrew Keeling - Musical Guide to In The Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson (Book)

Andrew Keeling's essential guide provides a revealing insight into the complexities of King Crimson's startling debut album.

"Comprehensive and authoratative." - Sid Smith

"The guide is stunning, an exemplary piece of work. It sets a standard in the field." - Robert Fripp



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