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Ian Anderson - Walk Into Light (cd)

Ian Anderson's 1983 solo album acted as a prelude to Jethro Tull's Under Wraps, combining sophisticated Electro-Pop songs with Anderson's typically pointed and intelligent sociological observations.

Made in conjunction with keyboardist Peter-John Vetesse (also credited as being on blouse!), Walk Into Light is a noble attempt at reinventing an established identity.

This is the 2011 EMI reissue.

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1. Fly by night (3:51)
2. Made in England (4:57)
3. Walk into light (3:08)
4. Trains (3:18)
5. End game (3:17)
6. Black and white television (3:35)
7. Toad in the hole (3:22)
8. Looking for Eden (3:40)
9. User-friendly (3:59)
10. Different Germany (5:22)

Catalogue number - 070 4062



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