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Jethro Tull - Songs From the Wood (cd)

Fan favourite Songs From The Wood was seen as the first in the band's Folk Rock trilogy (Heavy Horses and Stormwatch followed).

This 1976 release highlights the band at its most playful and due to its lush production and more noticeable use of keyboards is perhaps one of the band's most obviously Progressive Rock orientated releases.

Digitally re-mastered edition with extra tracks and Ian Anderson sleeve notes.


1. Songs From The Wood (4:55)
2. Jack-In-The-Green (2:32)
3. Cup Of Wonder (4:34)
4. Hunting Girl (5:13)
5. Ring Out, Solstice Bells (3:47)
6. Velvet Green (6:05)
7. The Whistler (3:31)
8. Pibroch (Cap In Hand) (8:38)
9. Fire At Midnight (2:27)

Bonus tracks:

10. Beltane (5:19)
11. Velvet Green (live) (5:56)

Catalogue number - 581 5702


- Ian Anderson / flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin, whistles, vocals, all instruments on track 2
- Martin Barre / electric guitar, lute
- Barriemore Barlow / drums, marimba, glockenspiel, bells, nacres, tabor
- John Glascock / bass, vocals
- John Evan / piano, organ, synthesizers
- David Palmer / piano, portative organ, synthesizers

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