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Chad Wackerman - Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations

Known for his work with Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth and (soon) Steven Wilson, Wackerman's music blurs the line between composed and improvised pieces on his brilliant new release, Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations.

Chad is joined by Allan Holdsworth, bassist Jimmy Johnson and keyboard player Jim Cox, and produced an album that moves from the atmospheric to the edgy.

Featuring four creative musicians at their peak, 'Dreams' is the sound of sparks flying.

"Chad Wackerman has a beautiful ear for harmonies and melodies that lets your inner musician soar. A magnificent and ethereal listening experience." - Steve Vai

We have the double LP and impressive double LP plus deluxe cd box set version.

double vinyl

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double vinyl plus cd box set

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1. Glass Lullaby (2:32)
2. A New Day (6:59)
3. Bent Bayou (4:00)
4. Star Gazing (2:41)
5. Edith Street (3:38)
6. The Fifth (6:38)
7. Waterways (3:08)
8. The Billows (5:49)
9. Monsieur Vintage (3:38)
10. Rapid Eye Movement (2:33)
11. Brain Funk (3:28)
12. A Spontaneous Story (3:56)
13. Two for Ya (2:44)
14. Invisible (1:35)



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