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Latest Releases

Weather Report - The Legendary Live Tapes: 1978-1981 (quadruple cd)

Recorded, "Completely, totally, unapologetically and insanely live," between 1978-1981, The Legendary Live Tapes showcases Weather Report's classic line-up of Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter Jaco Pastorius, Peter Erskine and Robert Thomas, Jr. at the peak of its powers.

4cd set with booklet.

Miles Davis - The Last Word - The Warner Bros. Years (8cd)

A definitive and lavishly packaged collection of the later part of Miles Davis' work.

An 8cd set in a clamshell box including remastered discs in vinyl replica covers, a 60 page booklet with period photos and liner notes by Ashley Kahn.

Billy Cobham - Live - Electric Ballroom, Texas (1975) (double cd)

Fusion King Billy C, plus George Duke, John Schofield and others burning brightly at The Electric Ballroom in 1975.

Isotope - Isotope (cd)

Isotope's fiery self-titled debut album from 1974.

Billy Cobham - The Atlantic Years 1973-1978 (8cd)

A definitive collection of Billy Cobham's glittering early Jazz Rock output on Atlantic, including the classic albums Spectrum and Crosswinds (with it's evocative sidelong piece Spanish Moss).

Jazz On A Summer s Day - Jazz On A Summer's Day (cd/dvd-v)

Jazz On A Summer's Day is one of the greatest jazz movies ever made.

Conceived by stills photographer Bert Stern and filmed over the four days of the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival, the movie not only captured inspired performances by some of the biggest names in jazz at the time, but also the style and fashions of late 1950s America.

Marco Minnemann - Celebration (cd)

Engineered, played, sung and written by drummer's drummer Marco Minnemann, Celebration is an inventive collection of melodic and hard-hitting Art Rock.

All copies are signed by Marco.

Out of stock.

Theo Travis Double Talk - Transgression (cd)

Theo Travis's Fusion project makes its debut on the Esoteric Antenna label.

Mixed and mastered by Steven Wilson and with influences including King Crimson, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Talk Talk, Terje Rypdal and Palle Mikkelborg, Trangression is a unique album.

The Aristocrats  - Tres Caballeros - Deluxe (cd/dvd)

Fresh off their successful 2013-2014 Culture Clash world tour, The Aristocrats (one of the most highly regarded bands in instrumental Rock/Fusion) re-wrote their own rules for their third studio album, Tres Caballeros.

Miles Davis - Tutu (Deluxe Edition) (double vinyl)

A 2015 remastered 180g double vinyl edition of Miles Davis 1986 album.

This version includes an extra LP including live performances by the Miles Davis Octet at the Nice Jazz Festival of 1986 (featuring Adam Holzman on keyboards).

Stomu Yamashta - Go Too (cd)

Stomu Yamashta's second Go studio release, from 1977, carried on the band's unique fusion of Jazz Rock, Electronic/Ambient, Progressive and R&B musics.

Features Klaus Schulze, Al Di Meola, Peter Robinson (Brand X) and others.

The Aristocrats - Culture Clash Live (cd/dvd)

Culture Clash Live is an explosive document of Rock/Fusion 'muso kings' The Aristocrats - Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann - which captures the trio at their most virtuosic, melodic and spontaneous best.

Out of stock.

Brand X - Nuclear Burn (4CD)

A 4CD box containing all of the music Brand X released on the Charisma label between 1976 and 1980, plus three previously unreleased tracks taken from BBC sessions.

Remastered from the original tapes. Includes sleeve notes by Malcolm Dome.

Brand X - Is There Anything About? (cd)

Mostly featuring the remarkable Phil Collins / John Giblin rhythm section and Robin Lumley and John Goodsall on keyboard and guitar duty, Is There Anything About? is the underrated swan song of the original Brand X.

Playful, atmospheric, impressively dexterous and constantly searching, ITAA contains all the elements that made Brand X one of the most successful British Jazz Rock bands of the 1970s.

Brand X - Missing Period (cd)

Missing Period contains the earliest known recordings of Brand X.

Recorded between 1975-76 shortly before the release of the group's Charisma label debut, the album documents the classic Collins/Jones/Goodsall/Heyman/Lumley line-up at its most exploratory.

Brian Eno - The Drop (double cd)

Deluxe double CD reissue of Eno's underrated 'Space Jazz' album from 1997.

Brian Eno - The Drop (double vinyl)

A double vinyl reissue of Eno's underrated 'Space Jazz' album from 1997.

Isotope - Illusion (cd)

Featuring Hugh Hopper on bass and the brilliant guitar work of Gary Boyle, Illusion is one of the classics of mid-1970s Jazz Rock, operating somewhere between the fizz of Quiet Sun, the fuzz of Soft Machine and the magnificent fuss of Mahavishnu.

A re-press of the 2011 Esoteric remaster.

Levin Brothers - Levin Brothers (cd)

Tony Levin's first ever collaboration with his brother, keyboardist Pete Levin (Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Jaco Pastorius, Wayne Shorter).

Neil Ardley - Harmony Of The Spheres (cd)

An Esoteric label re-press of Neil Ardley's beguiling and atmospheric Jazz Rock suite featuring John Martyn (on guitar), Ian Carr, Barbra Thompson, Tony Coe, Norma Winstone and others.

Marco Minnemann  - EEPS (cd)

A fusion of melodic rock, experimental/avant garde, and Prog, EEPS is the new album from drummer extraordinaire, Marco Minnemann

Jack Lancaster & Rick van der Linden - Wild Connections (cd)

Blodwyn Pig's Jack Lancaster and Ekseption's Rick van der Linden were joined by legendary session drummer Barry Morgan and The English Chorale for a one of a kind 1979 collaboration combining van der Linden's Symphonic Progressive past and Lancaster's Fusion leanings.

Jack Lancaster & Robin Lumley - Marscape (cd)

Something of a missing Brand X album, Marscape features the entirety of the band's early line-up tackling Lancaster and Lumley's instrumental concept album detailing a manned mission to Mars.

Originally released in 1976, Marscape is a lost classic from a classic era.

Out of stock.

Colin Edwin / Lorenzo Feliciati - Twinscapes (cd)

Two bassists from two very different backgrounds come together on one potent album.

Lorenzo Feliciati and Colin Edwin created Twinscapes with special guests including trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer, saxophonist David Jackson (Van der Graaf Generator), and percussionist Andi Pupato (Nik Bartsch's Ronin).

Virtuosic fireworks, kinetic grooves and textural invention are the hallmarks of this remarkable release.

Out of stock.

Colin Edwin / Lorenzo Feliciati - Twinscapes (vinyl)

**Autographed copy**

Two bassists from two very different backgrounds come together on one potent statement.

Lorenzo Feliciati and Colin Edwin created Twinscapes with special guests including trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer, saxophonist David Jackson (Van der Graaf Generator), and percussionist Andi Pupato (Nik Bartsch's Ronin).

Virtuosic fireworks, kinetic grooves and textural invention typify this remarkable release on the ever-growing Rare Noise label.

180g vinyl version with download code.

Out of stock.

The Aristocrats - Culture Clash (cd/dvd)

Featuring the incomparable talents of Guthrie Govan, Marco Minnemann and Bryan Beller, Culture Clash is the new album from the instrumental Fusion Rock supergroup, The Aristocrats

The deluxe edition includes a bonus DVD, Accept The Mystery: The Making Of The Aristocrats Culture Clash, which features studio footage and exclusive interviews.

Out of stock.

Neil Sadler - Theory Of Forms (cd)

Theory Of Forms, from 1999, is composer/percussionist/keyboardist Neil Sadler's astonishing debut album.

A powerfully inventive fusion of Jazz, Rock and dark percussive experiments, Sadler's complex compositions are enhanced by the presence of muso legends Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller, and a slew of Frank Zappa horn alumni (Walt Fowler, Albert Wing, Bruce Fowler, Kurt McGettrick and Steve Fowler) plus LA bassist extraordinaire Joel Woods.

Levin Minnemann Rudess - Levin Minnemann Rudess (cd)

Following on from the success of the ground-breaking Levin Torn White project, Levin Minnemann Rudess is an aural assault of virtuosity, prog madness, and hazy textural events featuring three Progressive legends - Tony Levin (King Crimson), Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson/The Aristocrats), and Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater).

Produced by Scott Schorr and Tony Levin, this is the standard cd edition of the album.

Out of stock.

Levin Minnemann Rudess - Levin Minnemann Rudess (cd/dvd)

Following on from the success of the ground-breaking Levin Torn White project, Levin Minnemann Rudess is an aural assault of virtuosity, prog madness, and hazy textural events featuring three Progressive legends - Tony Levin (King Crimson), Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson/The Aristocrats), and Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater).

Produced by Scott Schorr and Tony Levin, the Deluxe Edition of the album comes with a bonus DVD.

Out of stock.

Wojtek Fedkowicz Noise Trio - Post-Digital Dreamers (cd)

Modern Jazz meets electronica and drum'n'bass Eastern European style.

With echoes of the likes of The Cinematic Orchestra in the sonic mix, Polish band Noise Trio have created an exciting debut that brings subtle and inventive electronic elements to a sophisticated Jazz sensibility.

Wojtek Fedkowicz Noise Trio - Post-Digital Dreamers (vinyl)

Modern Jazz meets electronica and drum'n'bass Eastern European style.

With echoes of the likes of The Cinematic Orchestra in the sonic mix, Polish band Noise Trio have created an exciting debut that brings subtle and inventive electronic elements to a sophisticated Jazz sensibility.

This is the limited white vinyl edition presented in a gatefold sleeve.

Theo Travis - Slow Life (double vinyl)

Occupying a territory between the Minimalist excursions of Steve Reich and the loop innovations of Fripp and Eno, 'Slow Life' is one of the most consistently challenging and ethereal albums of Theo Travis' multi-faceted career.

This is a limited edition double LP on 180g white and black vinyl in a spotvarnished gatefold picture sleeve.

Includes two bonus tracks plus the sidelong Bass Communion 'construction' Behind These Silent Eyes (Parts I-IV), which are exclusive to this vinyl edition.

Henry Fool - Jazz Rock's Not Dead!

An ideal way to induce panic attacks in hipsters everywhere and show love for the Fender Rhodes and the saxello.

The first official Henry Fool t-shirt features a sketch depicting the Men Singing cover image, alongside the slogan, 'Jazz Rock's Not Dead!' (the band's website is printed on the reverse).

A blue print on a grey Gildan Softstyle cotton shirt.

Format --please select--

Adam Holzman - Anthology (cd)

An introduction to the work of keyboard ace Adam Holzman covering his Jazz Rock orientated releases from 1992 to the present day.

'Optimistic music in the age of fear.' - Adam Holzman

MooV - Fold (cd)

Released in 2008, Fold was the debut release from Colin Riley's MooV project.

Riley, best known for his work with Bill Bruford, formed the band as a way to explore his interest creating a music that uniquely drew from ethereal forward-thinking Pop, Scandinavian chamber Jazz, Ambient and Minimalist Classical genres.

"Spectacularly beautiful and appealing. A provocative album, which challenges one's prejudices.' - Bill Bruford

MooV - Here (cd)

As with its predecessor Fold, MooV's second album Here is a subtle and darkly atmospheric collection of pieces that exist in a hinterland between Avant Pop, Chamber Jazz and Classical, and Electronica.

'Consistently haunting and often beautiful.' - London Jazz Blog

The Relatives & Phil Miller - Virtually (cd)

Virtually is the brand new studio album by The Relatives, featuring guitar supremo Phil Miller and Jack Monck (Syd Barrett)

Already championed by the likes of Stuart Maconie (BBC 6 Music's Freak Zone), the album reunites Miller with his old Hatfield & The North companion Richard Sinclair, who provides his inimitable vocals on the closing song.

Nick Beggs - The Darkness In Mens Hearts (cd)

Topped and tailed with two new pieces, Nick Beggs's Burning Shed label debut is a compilation of the solo Chapman Stick pieces from his two albums, The Stick Insect (2000) and The Maverick Helmsman (2004).

Containing superbly executed lyrical and atmospheric sketches that by turns suggest Modern Jazz (Metheny, Pastorious), Art Rock (Tony Levin), Ambient, and Classical guitar recitals, The Darkness In Men's Hearts is a consistently engaging and meditative experience that displays the more introspective side of a most extrovert performer.

With Nick currently enjoying success with both Lifesigns and the Steven Wilson band, The Darkness In Men's Hearts provides an ideal opportunity to sample the work of one of Britain's most distinctive bass players.

Archie Shepp and The Full Moon Orchestra - Live In Antibes (Double CD)

A deluxe 2CD set capturing Archie Shepp and The Full Moon Orchestra's complete live performance at the Juan les Pins Jazz Festival in Antibes on July 18, 1970.

Originally released as two separate albums, each disc features one extended piece split into two parts.

Extreme musical experimentation meets tradition in this fiery collision of Coltrane influenced Free Jazz, Blues and relentless rhythms.

The digibook package includes a booklet with in-depth notes and photos.

Don Cherry - Mu first part / Mu second part / Orient (Double CD)

Acknowledged as one of the fathers of World music, Don Cherry is also considered one of the most important Jazz musicians of his era.

This deluxe 2CD set comprises two of his most adventurous albums, recorded in France for the BYG Actuel label in 1969 and 1971 respectively.

The digibook package includes a booklet with in-depth notes and photos.

Chad Wackerman - Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations

Known for his work with Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth and (soon) Steven Wilson, Wackerman's music blurs the line between composed and improvised pieces on his brilliant new release, Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations.

Chad is joined by Allan Holdsworth, bassist Jimmy Johnson and keyboard player Jim Cox, and produced an album that moves from the atmospheric to the edgy.

Featuring four creative musicians at their peak, 'Dreams' is the sound of sparks flying.

"Chad Wackerman has a beautiful ear for harmonies and melodies that lets your inner musician soar. A magnificent and ethereal listening experience." - Steve Vai

We have the double LP and impressive double LP plus deluxe cd box set version.

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Henry Fool - The Free Henry Fool Download EP (mp3 download)

The Free Henry Fool Download EP comprises the video edit of Everyone In Sweden from Men Singing, two Steven Wilson mixed tracks from Henry Fool's long-deleted 2001 debut, plus an exclusive unreleased piece, A Canterbury Scene.

As its title suggests, this tasty 'taster' download EP is available for free.

'Take 60's/70's influences such as early Floyd, Soft Machine and VDGG and mix them with Rain Tree Crow and late King Crimson. One of the most interesting Prog bands to come out of the UK in recent years.' - Feedback Magazine

Henry Fool - Men Singing

Featuring five members of the live No-Man band plus Jarrod Gosling and Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music/801/Quiet Sun), Men Singing is the second album by Henry Fool, the project led by Tim Bowness and Stephen Bennett.

Available as a cd and a very limited edition heavyweight vinyl LP in gatefold cover with inserts, the album is mastered by Pink Floyd sound engineer, Andy Jackson.

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The Weave - The Weave (cd)

The Weave is the new project from Martin Smith, the trumpet playing part of Liverpool-based Psychedelic eccentrics The Wizards Of Twiddly.

By turns exuberant and lyrical, The Weave - a collective of hugely talented players from North West England - play a warm, traditional and distinctively British style of Jazz music.

'Although it plays with sub-genres from funeral march style Dixieland to frenetically paced Bop, this is not merely a series of pastiches. The Weave use a variety of stylistic influences as a starting point for consistently inventive creativity.' - The Flaneur

Art Ensemble Of Chicago - A Jackson In Your House / Message To Our Folks / Reese And The Smooth Ones (Double CD)

A deluxe double cd set containing three Art Ensemble Of Chicago LPs from 1969 that reveal the group's extraordinary energy and eclecticism

The package includes a photo-laden booklet with informative notes by John Masouri.

'Showcases the Art Ensemble at its bravest and most vulnerable.' - All Music

Various Artists - Jazzactuel (Triple CD)

An acclaimed 3cd compilation of music released on the legendary French label, BYG Actuel.

Collecting recordings from 1969-1971 and comprising the best of its improv jazz, avant garde and psychedelic output, the set features Don Cherry, Sun Ra, Archie Shepp, Gong, Sunny Murray, Art Ensemble of Chicago and more.

"These oddball tracks reveal the period from 1969-1971 as a true renaissance of 'out' music, to which Jazzactuel serves as a wonderful introduction." allmusic.com

Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street (Double CD)

'Across 110th Street is one of the finest (and most successful) creations to emerge from black America.' - UNCUT

Three of Bobby Womack's most influential 1970s recordings - including the iconic Blaxpoitation soundtrack, Across 110th Street - presented in a deluxe 2CD digibook package.

Now shipping

Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street (vinyl)

'Across 110th Street' is among the finest (and most successful) creations to emerge from Black America UNCUT

A heavyweight vinyl reissue Bobby Womack's iconic Blaxploitation soundtrack.

Now shipping

Jon Durant - Things Behind The Sun (cd)

Jon Durant's fith album from 2005, was his most Jazz influenced, offering layered textures across intricate chord progressions and bringing to mind the likes of Eberhard Weber and Allan Holdsworth.

Tony Levin (on electric upright bass) and Vinny Sabatino (kit drums) add their unique talents to JD's 'cloud guitar' atmospherics.

Jon Durant - Flood (cd)

Jon Durant's 2007 release includes expressive and intriguing use of 12 string guitars, as well Tony Levin (on stick, upright, and 5 string bass) and Vinny Sabatino (hand percussion) contributing throughout.

Alternating between heavy rhythms and ambient things, the album also features an unusual solo guitar version of Peter Gabriel's Here Comes the Flood.

Method Of Defiance - Nihon (double cd)

A two disc (cd/dvd) release of two live sets by this typically eclectic Bill Laswell led combo, featuring Bernie Worrell, Toshinori Kondo, Guy Licata, and Dr Israel.

A digi-pack presentation.

'Somewhere between dub and ambient drum'n'bass, although both rock and dancehall stick an occasional oar in.' - The Quietus

Animation - Asiento (cd)

Twice Grammy-nominated Animation (Bob Belden, Tim Hagans, Scott Kinsey, Matt Garrison, DJ Logic and Guy Licata) re-invent the 'electric Miles' breakthrough release Bitches Brew in surprising ways.

Nina Simone - Live at Berkeley - Young Gifted and Black (CD)

Two original albums from 1969 and 1971 from the Strand label showing the legendary singer at the peak of her career.

Nina Simone - Sings Billie Holiday / The Gospel According To... (CD)

Two original Nina Simone albums on one CD.

Simone's tribute to the jazz great from 1972 including her versions of Fine And Mellow and Strange Fruit, alongside her 1973 gospel-tinged album.

Art Ensemble of Chicago - A Jackson In Your House / A Message To Your Folks (CD)

Two original albums recorded for the BYG label in 1969 highlighting the Art Ensemble's incredible energy and eclecticism.

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Live in Paris (2CD)

Double cd of live material from the avant-garde jazz pioneers, recorded for the BYG label in 1969.

Including sleevenotes by The Wire's Edwin Pouncey.

Out of stock.

Jon Durant - Dance of the Shadow Planets (cd)

The evocative and exploratory Dance Of The Shadow Planets is US 'cloud guitarist' Jon Durant's seventh album.

Operating in the creative grey areas between Ambient, ECM Jazz, ethnic and atmospheric Rock, the album was recorded live in the studio with a quartet including Colin Edwin on fretless bass, Caryn Lin on violin and Jerry Leake on percussion.

"If you like David Torn, Michael Brook, Robert Fripp, Tony Levin, Eno, Steve Tibbetts each at their infinite guitar, textural guitar, guitar soundscaping, echo delay, loops, sustainesque best . . . then Jon Durant is for you." - EER Reviews

Out of stock.

Slow Electric - Slow Electric (cd)

Slow Electric is a project featuring Tim Bowness and Peter Chilvers in collaboration with the Estonian duo UMA (guitarist Robert Jurjendal and trumpeter Aleksei Saks).

King Crimson's Tony Levin guests.

Miles Davis - Bitches Brew Live (double vinyl)

Bitches Brew Live contains recordings from two performances.

The first three songs on this release were recorded in July 1969, prior to the Bitches Brew Sessions, while the remaining pieces are drawn from the band's electric Isle of Wight performance in 1970.

A fascinating before and after insight into one of the most influential albums of all time.

* 180g audiophile vinyl
* 12 page booklet with expert analysis
* Etched D-Side

Out of stock.

The Michael Giles MAD Band - In The Moment

The second album from The Michael Giles MAD Band adds pianist supreme (and occasional King Crimson collaborator) Keith Tippett into the mix.

Sometimes challenging, sometimes lyrical, and sometimes playfully humorous, In The Moment is a collection of contemporary improvised music, which moves skilfully between Free Jazz and Free Rock territory.

"In a spirit of freedom, The MAD Band explores the universe of sound, silence, space and time." - Michael Giles

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Base3 - Darkmatter (cd)

A visceral, experimental delta-jazz-noise-improv-and featuring Doug Hirlinger on drums,
flute, mbira, and percussion. Barry Meehan on bass, and Tim Motzer on baritone and electric guitars, pedals, and loops. fans

An unplanned spontaneous session recorded in a day in November 2007, Base3 evokes the spirits of Marc Ribot and Derek Bailey in an explosive trio format.

Theo Travis - All I Know - An Anthology (Double CD)

All I Know: An Anthology is the first ever Theo Travis compilation.

The album features tracks from all of Theo's solo albums, in addition to recordings with Soft Machine Legacy, Palle Mikkelborg, Steve Lawson and the short lived improv trio, Marshall Travis Wood.

Musicians featured include John Etheridge, Hugh Hopper, John Marshall and Daevid Allen, and the album is presented in a deluxe digipack with a beautiful 20 page booklet featuring many previously unseen photos of Theo and his various groups.

Soft Machine - Alive & Well - Recorded in Paris (double cd)

The final live recordings to be released by Soft Machine during its lifetime, Alive & Well was the product of a series of concerts at Le Palace Theatre in Monmartre, Paris in July 1978.

Initially released as a single album, the discovery of multi-track masters of a concert in the archives has resulted in this deluxe expanded edition containing a CD of additional material recorded during the same set of performances.

Unavailable officially on CD for nearly fifteen years, this reissue has been re-mastered from the original master tapes and fully restores the original artwork.

Out of stock.

Soft Machine - Land Of Cockayne (cd)

Soft Machine's final studio album, from 1981, featured the duo of Karl Jenkins and John Marshall being joined by the likes of Jack Bruce, Allan Holdsworth and Dick Morrissey.

A sophisticated release dominated by the compositional prowess of Jenkins, Land Of Cockayne remains an overlooked part of this legendary band's catalogue.

This remastered edition features a booklet including restored artwork, rare photos and sleeve notes by Sid Smith.

Soft Machine - Softs (cd)

Esoteric's long overdue re-release of the 1976 Soft Machine classic, Softs.

The band's second for the Harvest label, Softs featured a line-up of Mike Ratledge (keyboards), Karl Jenkins (Oboe, Piano, Soprano Sax), John Marshall (Drums), Roy Babbington (Bass) and new member, John Etheridge (Guitar).

An accessible set that provided a more lyrical companion to Bundles, this was the final album to feature founder member Mike Ratledge.

Unavailable on CD for 15 years, this reissue has been re-mastered from the original tapes, features comprehensive Sid Smith sleeve notes and fully restores the original artwork.

Soft Machine - Bundles (cd)

Esoteric Records long overdue, re-mastered, release of Soft Machine's classic 1975 album, Bundles.

An accessible and highly praised collection, the album featured the classic Mike Ratledge, Karl Jenkins, John Marshall, Roy Babbington quartet augmented by new member, Allan Holdsworth.

Unavailable on CD for nearly 15 years, this reissue has been re-mastered from the original tapes, restores the original artwork and features sleeve notes by Sid Smith (with contributions from John Marshall).

Django Reinhardt - Rhythm & Swing (7 CD box set)


theo travis - double talk (cd)

'Double Talk' is the eighth solo release by renowned British saxophonist, flautist, composer and improviser, Theo Travis.

Featuring a dynamic new band and special guest Robert Fripp, the music is a highly contemporary evocation of the experimental Progressive, Jazz and Psychedelic music Travis was influenced by in his formative years.

The album also features a unique Travis take on the Pink Floyd classic, See Emily Play.

theo travis - earth to ether (cd)

Earth to Ether is British saxophonist/flautist/ composer Theo Travis's sixth album for the 33 Records label and features Theo's regular touring band, including pianist Simon Colam (recently performing with Trilok Gurtu and touring with Mercury nominee Ty), bassist Andy Hamill (Mark Murphy, Carleen Anderson, 4 Hero), and drummer Marc Parnell (Francis Dunnery, Jethro Tull, Damien Rice, Trevor Watts)

Special guest on the CD is ex-Caravan/Hatfield & The North singer and guitarist Richard Sinclair, one of the most unique talents of the 1970s English progressive/Canterbury music scene. The album was mixed by Steven Wilson at No Man's Land.

hugh hopper - jazzloops (cdr)

In 2003, ex-Soft Machine 'fuzz-bass' innovator Hugh Hopper gifted Burning Shed one of the albums of his long and distinguished career.

A computer manipulated collage of live and studio performances, 'Jazzloops' possessed the fizz and energy of classic Soft Machine along with an astute awareness the possibilities of contemporary technology that occasionally brought to mind the jazzier extremes of post-Trip-Hoppers DJ Shadow and Koop.

Featuring mangled contributions from Robert Wyatt, Elton Dean and John Marshall (amongst many others).

mike figgis - hotel soundtrack (cd)

Acclaimed director and gifted trumpeter/composer Mike Figgis makes his Burning Shed debut with the enigmatic and haunted soundtrack to his revolutionary movie, Hotel.

Featuring contributions from legendary drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, the album additionally contains a devastating 10 minute collaboration with Skunk Anansie's Skin.

steve lawson - behind every word (cd)

The fourth solo album from the UK?s leading solo bass guitarist, ?Behind Every Word? is Steve Lawson?s most complete statement as a composer and performer to date. Nine of the Eleven tracks are completely solo tunes, combining the ambient improvs of his previous work with more structurally composed music and a greater emphasis on melody. The album features two very special guests - pedal steel guitar legend, BJ Cole and one of London's finest jazz singers, Julie McKee.

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