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Jakko M. Jakszyk

"Guitar virtuoso, composer and lyricist...broadcast, actor and satirist: the true descendant in a great and honourable line of British Musical mavericks. A sharp observer, a keen wit, fine storyteller - and a man I'm proud to call my friend." Tom Robinson.

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Jakko M. Jakszyk - Waves Sweep The Sand (cd)

A collection of 17 high quality songs and instrumentals that are all related to, or were intended for the album that became "The Bruised Romantic Glee Club"

Comprising guitar instrumentals (which is what 'Glee Club" began it's life as) covers not included on CD 2 of the 'Glee Club", and assorted experiments, "Waves Sweep The Sand" is a superb companion piece to Jakko's most highly regarded solo album.

Art work by the great Phil Smee.

Produced as an on demand CDr


1. Scarecrows (1:00)
2. Alien Lights in Iberian Skies (4:32)
3. Catleys Reprise (1:08)
4. London Bridge (3:23)
5. David Gates in Whitley Bay (1:48)
6. Suburban Windows (0:51)
7. Christmas in Krakow (4:03)
8. Waves Sweep the Sand (1:05)
9. Upside Down Again (4:57)
10. Barnaby Naan (0:55)
11. Sunday Morning Enniscrone (3:15)
12. September Skies (1:02)
13. Django?s Lullaby (3:28)
14. Fragile Little Scars (0:54)
15. Kevin Costners Golf Course (5:55)
16. Theme One (3:03)
17. Slug Death and The Cockroaches Revenge (3:57)


Performed, produced and recorded by Jakko M Jakszyk
WIth guest appearances from Gavin Harrison, Ian Wallace, Gary Barnacle and String Quartet



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