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International Artists Records produced some of the most innovative records to come out of Texas’s thriving rock scene of the late Sixties. One of the most influential independent record companies of its day, it has gained cult status over the years amongst fans of prime American psychedelic and garage rock.

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International Artists - An Explosion From Houston, Texas (CD)

International Artists 1966-1969

This 10 track CD collects highlights from across the International Artists catalogue.


The 13th Floor Elevators-Reverberation
From the forthcoming release ?The Psychedelic Sounds of ??-SNAX604CD (enhanced deluxe double disc edition). Originally IALP#1

Red Crayola-Hurricane Fighter Plane
From ?The Parable of Arable Land?, originally IALP#2, now available on the double set SNAP277CD including also the ?God Bless the Red Krayola??

Lost And Found-Everybody?s Here
From ?Everybody?s Here?, originally IALP#3, now available on the limited deluxe edition-SNAX608CD

The Golden Dawn-Starvation
From ?Power Plant?, originally IALP#4, now available on the limited deluxe edition-SNAX602CD

The 13th Floor Elevators-I Had to Tell You
From the forthcoming release ?Easter Everywhere?-SNAX605CD (enhanced deluxe double-disc edition). Originally IALP#5

Lightnin? Hopkins-Mini Skirt
From the forthcoming limited deluxe edition, ?Free Form Patterns?, originally IALP#6.

The 13th Floor Elevators-Dr Doom
From the forthcoming release ?Bull of the Woods?-SNAX606CD (enhanced deluxe double-disc edition). Originally IALP#9

The Bubble Puppy- Lonely
From ?A Gathering of Promises?, originally IALP#10, now available on the limited deluxe edition-SNAX603CD

Dave Allen-CC Rider
From the original album ?Color Blind?-IALP#11.

Endle St Cloud-Come Through
From ?Thank you all very much?, originally IALP#13, now available on the limited deluxe edition-SNAX609CD



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