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International Artists Records produced some of the most innovative records to come out of Texas’s thriving rock scene of the late Sixties. One of the most influential independent record companies of its day, it has gained cult status over the years amongst fans of prime American psychedelic and garage rock.

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International Artists - Never Ever Land (3 CD)


One of the most innovative and influential independent record companies of its time, International Artists has gained cult status over the years, particularly amongst fans of prime American psychedelic and garage rock. Based in Houston, Texas the label thrived under the expert guidance of its driving force, Lelan Rogers, brother of country legend Kenny Rogers.

This 3 CD set collects classic tracks from the label?s flagship acts like The 13th Floor Elevators, The Red Crayola, The Bubble Puppy and Golden Dawn alongside a host of sought-after lesser known gems from the likes of Thursday?s Children, The Chaynes, The Rubayaat, Sterling Damon and The Shayds. Quite a number of these tracks are here making their cd debut, several not having seen the light of day since their first release forty years ago.

Meticulously researched, compiled and sequenced, each of the set?s three discs has been carefully themed:-

Disc One features the label?s renowned garage acts.
Disc Two concentrates on its prime psychedelic recordings.
Disc Three delves deep into the label?s archives and demonstrates the wide range of music the label embraced and includes rocking blues, more mainstream pop, country, soul and oddities.

The accompanying 48-page colour booklet is lavishly illustrated and presents a detailed account of the label?s rise and fall, biographies of the artists with track notes and a full discography. It also reproduces in full Jon Savage?s fascinating and candid interview with Lelan Rogers which accompanied the 1980 compilation double album,? Epitaph For A Legend?.
This set is an essential purchase for anyone interested in prime Sixties psych, garage, rock and pop.


The Emperors ?I Want My Woman?/The Coastliners ?It?s Alright?/The 13th Floor Elevators ?You?re Gonna Miss Me?/Sterling Damon ?Rejected?/The Coastliners ?Wonderful You?/Thursday?s Children ?Dominoes?/The Chaparrels ?I Tried So Hard?/The Chayns ?See It Thru?/The Patterns ?In My Own Time?/ The Chayns ?Live With The Moon?/ The Chayns ?Night Time (Is The Right Time)?/Thursday?s Children ?A Part Of You?/The 13th Floor Elevators ?Fire Engine?/Thursday?s Children ?Air Conditioned Man?/Lost & Found ?25 mph?/The Chayns ?There?s Something Wrong In This?/Thursday?s Children ?Help, Murder, Police?/The Golden Dawn ?Reaching Out You?/Thursday?s Children ?You Can Forget About That?/The 13th Floor Elevators ?Tried To Hide?/The Golden Dawn ?A Nice Surprise?/The Red Crayola ?Pink Stainless Steel?/Inner Scene ?Communication Breakdown?/ Lost & Found ?Let Me Be?/The Spades ?We Sell Soul?/The Spades ?You?re Gonna Miss Me?/The 13th Floor Elevators ?I Don?t Ever Want To Come Down?

The Bubble Puppy ?Hot Smoke & Sassafras?/The Golden Dawn ?Starvation?/The 13th Floor Elevators ?Scarlet & Gold?/Lost & Found ?Everybody?s Here?/The Red Crayola ?War Sucks?/The Rubyatt ?Ever Ever Land?/The Shayds ?Search The Sun?/The Golden Dawn ?My Time?/The 13th Floor Elevator ?Slip Inside This House?/Lost & Found ?When Will You come Through?/Endle St Cloud ?Tell Me What?s Happening?/The Bubble Puppy ?If I Had A Reason?/Ginger Valley ?Ginger?/The Rubyatt ?If I Were A Carpenter?/The Bubble Puppy ?Days Of Our Time?/Lost & Found ?Professor Black?/Endle St Cloud ?Quest For Beauty?/The Bubble Puppy ?A Gathering Of Promises?/Lost & Found ?Forever Lasting Plastic Words?/ The 13th Floor Elevator ?She Lives In A Time Of Her Own?/ The Red Crayola ?Nickle Niceness?/The Red Crayola ?Hurricane Fighter Plane?/Endle St Cloud ?Come Through?/Ginger Valley ?Country Life?/Endle St Cloud ?This Is Love?/ The Red Crayola ?Vile Vile Grass?/ The 13th Floor Elevator ?60 Second Radio Spot?/

Arnim & Hamilton ?Pepperman?/Disciples Of Shaftesbury ?Times Gone By?/Beauregarde ?Popcorn Popper?/Big Walter ?Breakfast In Bed?/Lightin? Hopkins ?Black Ghost?/Beauregarde ?Mama Taught Me How To Jellyroll?/ Dave Allen ?Terp?/ The Bubble Puppy ?Hurry Sundown?/ Disciples Of Shaftesbury ?My Cup Is Full?/Kathy Clarke ?A Little Girl Called Sad?/Lightnin? Hopkins ?Baby Child?/The Shayds ?Bring Your Love?/Arnim & Hamilton ?Walkin? Midnight Coffee Break?/Roky & Clementine Hall ?Splash 1?/ Roky & Clementine Hall ?Right Track Now?/Billy Wade McKnight ?Trouble Comings On?/ Kathy Clarke ?My Summer Prayer?/Billy Wade McKnight ?I Need Your Love?/Lightnin? Hopkins ?Mini Skirt?/Dave Allen ?C.C. Rider?/The Bubble Puppy ?Lonely?/ Sonny Hall ?Poor Planet Earth?/Tom Harvey ?So AH In Love?/ Johnny Williams ?Honey Child?/ Frankie & Johnny ?Sweet Thang?/ Sonny Hall ?Battle Of The Moon?/ Sterling Damon ?My Last Letter?/Roky Erikson Interview/The 13th Floor Elevators ?Will The Circle Remain Unbroken?/



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