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International Artists Records produced some of the most innovative records to come out of Texas’s thriving rock scene of the late Sixties. One of the most influential independent record companies of its day, it has gained cult status over the years amongst fans of prime American psychedelic and garage rock.

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The 13th Floor Elevators - Sign of the 3 Eyed Men (10 CD BOXSET)

Strictly limited to 4,000 numbered copies worldwide


The definitive 10 CD anthology of the pioneers of pre-punk us garage rock and psychedelia.

Remastered and remixed by Walt Andrus, the band?s original engineer and producer. Researched, compiled and produced as a box set by the band?s biographer, Paul Drummond.

Strictly limited to 4,000 numbered copies worldwide and shipping in June 2009. With excellent sound quality from newly discovered sources with rare previously unavailable recordings and including unique reproductions of original band memorabilia.

The box set, endorsed by the band and graced and named by Tommy Hall, includes:

  • The band?s three landmark albums ?The Psychedelic Sounds Of The Thirteenth Floor Elevators?, ?Easter Everywhere? and ?Bull Of The Woods? including rare mono versions, outtakes and alternate versions.

  • Two ?lost? albums featuring previously unreleased material

  • Rare and previously unreleased live recordings.

  • A 72 page hardback book written by the band?s biographer Paul Drummond, enhanced with posters, ephemera, discographies and many rare and previously unseen photos.

  • A selection of reproduction memorabilia including photographic prints, reproduction posters, stickers and handbills.

Go to www.internationalartistsrecords.com for more tracklisting and more visual on this exclusive numbered Ltd Edition 10 disc set.

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'This box is a labour of love that restores the 13th Floor Elevators to their rightful position as the fearless trailblazers of psychedelia, and as one of the most kick-ass bands ever... Now you can finally hear the true Elevators - and it?s like sunlight bursting through cloud.

The Elevators epitomised the ecstasies and the horrors of pyschedelia, enshrining the questing spirit of Furthur as well as the excess that short-circuited much of the hippy movement. But for two or so years, they burned with a flame so fierce that 40 years on they still remain an inspiration'

* * * * * MOJO, April 2009

'At last, total elevation.

Despite their legendary status as trailblazers and the world?s first truly psychedelic band, the Elevators? career has, until now, been defined by missed opportunities, record company ineptitude, Roky Erickson?s catastrophic mental breakdown and Stacey Sutherland?s desperate attempts to overcome his personal demons. The arrival of this eagerly-awaited box set finally sets the record straight on the Elevators? legacy, sanctioned as it is by the surviving members of the band, with its title coming from the Elevators self-appointed mystic and electric jug playing visionary Tommy Hall.

Sign Of The 3 Eyed Men is the long-dreamed-of trip to the promised land for Elevators fans everywhere... get your skates on or risk missing out on something very special!'

* * * * Record Collector, Reissue of the Month, April 2009

'Lavish 10-disc salute to the Texan psych lords... lovingly restored and meticulously expanded.

Hitherto ill-served by muffled vinyl with lousy stereo definition, shoddy transfers and wrongly identified tracks, here the music has been remastered and remixed by Walt Andrus, the band?s original engineer and producer.

Undoubtedly, it?s been a hugely worthwhile project'

* * * * * Uncut, Reissue Of The Month, January 2009

'Wow. This must surely be the very last word on The 13th Floor Elevators. Sign Of The 3 Eyed Men is an inexhaustible package by this seriously unhinged group of wide-eyed Texan trippers.'

Lenny Helsing salivates over the deluxe 10 CD box set and luxurious 72-page hardback book.

Shindig, March/April 2009

'The importance here is to contemplate the message of sage wisdom within... the presence of The 13th Floor Elevators. Through a soundscape originating in South Texas, onward throughout the planets, here is a stunning outlay of the mysterious energy of The 13th Floor Elevators. Think about it.? Billy F Gibbons, ZZ Top

?Holy blues, the psychedelic bible.? Bobby Gillespie, Primal Scream

?Slip Inside This House is such a great record. They kind of sounded like Buddy Holly on acid!? Peter Buck, REM

?In two hundred years time there will only be two ?60s bands that count ? The 13th Floor Elevators and The MC5.?Julian Cope

?A symbolic kicking open of those garage doors, the Elevators sniffed out the new- found freedom and ran with it.? Lenny Kaye, Nuggets

?Well - THE 13th Floor Elevators were THE band.? Paul Kantner, Jefferson Airplane

?Far-reaching, eloquent, fucked-up and beautiful - the greatest rock?n?roll in the world.? J Spaceman, Spiritualized

?Roky Erickson was special. He was an extraordinary musician and songwriter.? Chet Helms, The Family Dog



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