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The Mute Gods - Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me (cd)

Supergroup ahoy!

Nick Beggs, Roger King (Steve Hackett) and Marco Minnemann join forces to deliver an engaging and expansive Rock music for the thinking person.

The album's tracks explore governments, corporations, media, and religious institutions, and look at how society is driven to distraction by these forces, taking focus away from important issues and meaningful personal priorities.

Musically, the album seamlessly shifts from all-out Progressive Rock assaults to adventurous Pop accessibility.

Limited edition digipak version with two bonus tracks.

Out of stock.


1. do nothing till you hear from me (7:45)
2. praying to a mute god (5:06)
3. nightschool for idiots (6:00)
4. feed the troll (4:55)
5. your dark ideas (4:41)
6. last man on earth (5:30) (bonus track)
7. in the crosshairs (3:18)
8. strange relationship (6:10)
9. swimming horses (7:05)
10. macro capelo (5:10) (bonus track)
11. father daughter (4:09)



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