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Mike Oldfield - Return To Ommadawn (cd/dvd)

Return To Ommadawn marks a delightful return to the music that made Mike Oldfield's name in the early 1970s.

Written, played, recorded, mixed and produced by Mike Oldfield in his home studio in Nassau, Return To Ommadawn is a beautiful, mostly acoustic string instrument-based album consisting of two pieces of music.

Oldfield describes it as 'handmade' as each instrument (22 in total including mandolin, guitars, acoustic bass, bodhran, African drums and tin whistle) is hand played by Oldfield

Return To Ommadawn additionally features Celtic chanting and prominently features Oldfield’s trademark searing electric guitar.

CD / DVD edition including 5.1 mix and 12 page booklet.

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1) Return To Ommadawn Part 1
2) Return To Ommadawn Part 2



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