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Lion Shepherd - Hiraeth (cd)

Lion Shepherd is a project helmed by Kamil Haidar and Mateusz Owczarek and takes inspiration from Middle Eastern music, Trance, Progressive Rock and Blues.

The album also features Jahiar Irani and Rasm Al Mashan (Naxos Orchestra, Soomood) and combines traditional European instruments with the likes the Syrian oud lute, the Persian santur, and various Indian and Arabic percussion instruments.

A compelling, hypnotic and powerfully strange debut offering.

Pre-order for 20th November release.


1. Fly On (4:55)
2. Lights Out (5:14)
3. Brave New World (3:39)
4. Musix Box Ballerina (4:59)
5. I'm open (4:39)
6. Past in Mirror (4:44)
7. Wander (3:58)
8. Infidel Act Of Love (5:10)
9. Smell Of War (4:16)
10. Strongest Breed (4:35)



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