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Hasse Froberg & Musical Companion - HFMC (cd)

The third studio release from Hasse Froberg (Flower Kings) and his band Musical Companion combines complex Rock energy, strong vocal melodies and majestic Symphonic grandeur.

Containing three 10 minute plus epics and instrumental dexterity galore, HFMC finds Froberg and his band delivering a confident and powerful statement on their Glassville Records debut.

Presented in a three panel digipak.


1. Seconds (1:47)
2. Can't stop the clock (7:22)
3. Everything can change (5:13)
4. Pages (15:23)
5. Genius (5:48)
6. In the warmth of the evening (10:42)
7. Something worth dying for (5:31)
8. Someone else's fault (10:14)
9. Minutes (1:08)



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