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Paatos - Sensors

Sensors is a live album recorded during the 2006 Paatos tour of Europe.

Containing songs from the band's first three studio albums, its recording and original release was symbolic of the band's desire to close one chapter of its artistic development and move on to create something new.

Previously released in vinyl and Japanese cd versions, Sensors is now exclusively available as a download via Glassville's Burning Shed store.

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File Size: 76.0 MB.

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1. Happiness (5:16)
2. Your Misery (5:08)
3. Gasoline (5:16)
4. Tea (6:20)
5. Hypnotique (7:12)
6. Absinth Minded (3:59)
7. Sensor (9:42)
8. Prologue (8:33)
9. Shame (4:55)


Lead Vocals - Petronella Nettermalm
Drums - Huxflux Nettermalm
Bass - Stefan Dimle
Guitar, Backing Vocals - Peter Nylander
Keyboards, Backing Vocals - Johan Wallen
Mixed By Peter Nylander
Mastered By Carl Michael Herlofsson



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