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Gavin Harrison / Terry Branam / Porcupine Tree - Rhythmic Composition (Featuring the music of Porcupine Tree) (book)

Gavin Harrison's eagerly anticipated book Rhythmic Composition comprises 20 transcriptions of Porcupine Tree drum performances, plus fascinating insights about the recording process.

A must have for fans of Gavin's drumming and Porcupine Tree, over 40 photos are included in addition to a foreword by Neil Peart of Rush.

Exclusive SIGNED copies.

Out of stock.

Gavin Harrison & Terry Branam - Rhythmic Designs a study of Practical Creativity (Book/DVD)

Rhythmic Designs contains drum transcriptions of every note Gavin Harrison played on his two acclaimed albums with 05Ric, Drop and Circles.

To accompany the book, Gavin participated in a 2 hour 45 minute film, which is also included as part of this unique Book/DVD package and the book just won the Best In Show at the 2010 summer NAMM show

We have a very small number of copies with slight damage to the cover of the book - we are offering these final copies at a reduced price

Out of stock.

gavin harrison - rhythmic illusions (book)

Gavin's first book Rhythmic Illusions. This book/CD package easily breaks down the mystery behind subdivisions, metric modulation, rhythmic scales and beat displacement. The transition from mathematics to musicality is done in an easy and systematic approach

Out of stock.

gavin harrison - rhythmic perspectives (book)

Gavin's second book Rhythmic Perspectives. This book/CD package offers mind expanding exercises to further develop the study of Rhythmic Illusions and multidimensional rhythm. These concepts are the mind rudiments for a unique way of thinking about rhythmic structure, rhythmic composition and higher rhythmic awareness.

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