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Darkroom - selsey reflections EP (mp3 download)

A free introduction to the band, Selsey Reflections features the single Ahead Finitely taken from the new album Gravity's Dirty Work, together with exclusive and archive tracks: the odd time signature sequences of Selsey Reflections; the intense live performance of Light Sleeper; and the first track recorded by the project that became Darkroom, the 18-minute dub collage Alien Grace, restored and remastered for 2013.

Lo-Fi Resistance - The Silent War (free mp3 download)

The Silent War from the new Lo-Fi Resistance album, Chalk Lines.

No-Man - Lighthouse (free mp3 download)

A live version of the Returning Jesus highlight taken from Love And Endings.

Starting out as a sedate love song, the piece becomes increasingly complex and powerful before reaching its blissful conclusion.

This eight and half minute rendition features a vocal middle eight dropped from the album.

king crimson - epitaph (live at hyde park, july 1969) (free mp3 download)

King Crimson - Epitaph live (free mp3 download)

To celebrate our online collaboration with Panegyric, we're offering a free download of a live version of the song Epitaph taken from King Crimson's legendary Hyde Park performance (with The Rolling Stones) in July 1969.

This version was previously available on the limited edition boxed set version of the band's iconic debut album, 'In the Court of the Crimson King' by King Crimson.

nosound - places remained (free mp3 download)

Free track taken from nosound's second album Lightdark.

The Michael Giles Mad Band - Boots And Ballgowns (free mp3 download)

Boots And Ballgowns (7:29) - The Michael Giles MAD Band

Free download track from The Michael Giles MAD Band second album In The Moment.

Postcards From Space - Everything You re Not (free mp4 download)

A random example of the songs written by Tim Bowness and Alistair Murphy/The Curator between 2006 and 2010, Everything You're Not is scheduled to appear on Postcards From Space's debut album.

A Bowness song put through The Curator's demented 'arrangement mangle', the piece features some flamboyant piano (the ghost of Liberace), atypical backing vocals, and evokes aspects of early 1970s David Bowie (Space Oddity / Aladdin Sane) and the more acoustic Tim Bowness solo work.

uxb - tammy remix/excerpt (free mp3 download)

Remixed edit of a track from 'White House, Black Ash', the follow up to uxb's 'urban mutant', released on Burning Shed. Ambient washes, phrippery and 808 beats.

Darkroom - Borrowed Light (free mp3 download)

Borrowed Light is an alternative mix of the tracks 'My Sunsets Are All One-Sided', taken from Darkroom's latest album, Some Of These Numbers Mean Something.

darkroom - the dac mixes (slight return) (free mp3 download)

Many view Nemeton's "Remix 2", the last track on The DAC Mixes, as amongst the highlights of the album. "Remix 2" was picked as being the best of the four remixes submitted by Nemeton, but it was a close call as the band considered all of them excellent.

Rather than have these tracks languishing, unheard, on the Darkroom hard drive, the band decided to put these out as a free download and a subtle advertisement for the original 'The DAC Mixes' album itself (which featured mixes and contributions from Bass Communion, Tim Bowness, Theo Travis, Peter Chilvers and Centrozoon, amongst others).

peter chilvers - empty spaces (uxb remix) (free mp3 download)

'Empty Spaces', the musically spare and poignant closing track from Piano (a 2006 collection of solo piano improvisations by Chilvers), has been sensitively re-mixed by UXB, and given a beautiful Jazz-tinged makeover.

Evoking the atmosphere of Harold Budd and Brian Eno's acclaimed collaborative albums and the instrumental work of David Sylvian, 'Empty Spaces' is available as an exclusive free download.

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porcupine tree - tinto brass (live in warszawa 6th april 2001) (free mp3 download)

The missing track from the live Warszawa album, recorded by Polish Radio III, and later remixed at No Man's Land by SW. The track was left off the CD in order to keep it to a single disc.

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Theo Travis/Robert Fripp - theo and robert improv 1 (free mp3 download)

A uniquely atmospheric fusion of Theo Travis's looped flute and Robert Fripp's trademark Soundscapes, this free download is one of a series of improvisations recorded by the duo at DGM SoundWorld in January 2007. An ideal taster for Theo Travis's forthcoming album, Double Talk.

This track appears under the new title 'Land Beyond The Forest' on duo's album 'Thread' (available from Burning Shed).

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