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ex-wise heads - no grey matter (cd)

Originally released in 2000 on the Hidden Art label, the Ex-Wise Heads' 'No Grey Matter' is now reissued on the band's own Hard World label.

Recorded completely live, the album captures both the spontaneity and the element of surprise that is at the core of the Ex-Wise Heads' sound. Displaying a variety of moods, atmospheres and instrumentation - from the humorous twist of first track 'Lost Tango', to the primal intensity of 'Song for Jalil' and the evocative soundscape of 'Spirit Dance' - there's no shortage of inspired moments or creative ideas on this powerful debut release.


1 Lost Tango
2 Afro Hoe Down
3 Song For Jalil
4 Spirit Dance
5 Departure Lounge
6 All Thumbs Up
7 Cushion


Geoff Leigh (flutes/soprano sax/zither/voice and electronics)
Vincent Salzfaas (bookaraboo/talking drum/percussion)
Colin Edwin (fretless bass and guimbri).



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