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darkroom - the dac mixes (slight return) (free mp3 download)

Many view Nemeton's "Remix 2", the last track on The DAC Mixes, as amongst the highlights of the album.

"Remix 2" was picked as being the best of the four remixes submitted by Nemeton, but it was a close call as the band considered all of them excellent.

Rather than have these tracks languishing, unheard, on the Darkroom hard drive, the band decided to put these out as a free download and a subtle advertisement for the original 'The DAC Mixes' album itself (which featured mixes and contributions from Bass Communion, Tim Bowness, Theo Travis, Peter Chilvers and Centrozoon, amongst others).



File Size: 27.9 MB.


1. Remix 1 (6:29)
2. Remix 3 (5:49)
3. Remix 4 (7:06)


Produced and mastered by Os, December 2003.



The Digital/Analogue Cambridge Festival took place on June 30th 2001 at the Cambridge Museum of Technology. Various artists were installed around the buildings, creating a continuous sonic collage for the attendees to wander through. Mike and Os of Darkroom played for over 3 hours and recorded most of that.

For this project, the mixers were given about an hour selected from those recordings. The only constraint they were given was that their mix had to use at least some of this material.

Os, Cambridge, May 2004.



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