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Darkroom - selsey reflections EP (mp3 download)

A free introduction to the band, Selsey Reflections features the single Ahead Finitely taken from the new album Gravity's Dirty Work, together with exclusive and archive tracks: the odd time signature sequences of Selsey Reflections; the intense live performance of Light Sleeper; and the first track recorded by the project that became Darkroom, the 18-minute dub collage Alien Grace, restored and remastered for 2013.


'selsey mirrors' was Darkroom's contribution to the Loopers' Delight 12.12.12 project, coordinated by Georgina Brett and Kavstik Kurva.

Based on sequencer patterns formed from divisors of 12 (6, 4, 3, 2) in order, generating a 15/8 feel that drifts in and out of phase at 144 bpm. Other goals for the piece originally were that it should be 12 minutes long, and incorporate a 12 string electric guitar played through 12 pedals.
To bring all this cerebral odd-time thinking back down to earth, we then shredded the modular synth through a vintage germanium fuzz.

selsey mirrors: remembering the Astronomer
Edited and remixed in 2013 to become 'selsey reflections'.

light sleeper:
Recorded live in September 2012. From the rehearsals for Darkroom's London 2012 mini-tour, with minimal editing. Solo guitar, modular synthesiser and laptop. The first and so far only time Mike's guitar pedals were MIDI-synced. A disco danse macabre.

alien grace:
Recorded to tape and mixed live in 1996 for the Nevers Film Festival, as backing for a live soundtrack performance to accompany a screening of the Roswell Alien Autopsy. The first piece recorded by the project that became Darkroom.

File Size: 80.8 MB.


ahead finitely 03:54
selsey reflections 10:29
light sleeper 07:49
alien grace 18:33


Darkroom are
Michael Bearpark: electric guitars, pedals, loops and feedback, bass
Andrew Ostler: synthesizers, keyboards, programming

Recorded by Andrew Ostler
Mixed and produced by Darkroom
Finalised by Jon Astley (1) and Darkroom (2, 3, 4)
Image by Carl Glover for Aleph Studio



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