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Fovea Hex - Hail Hope (cd single)

Clodagh Simonds's sublime Fovea Hex return with new 2012 mixes of Carol and Lullaby.

If you like your dark a little sweet, your lightness a little sinister, and your promises lustrous, these haunted Winter songs may well fit the bill.

Available as a download and cd single.


1. Carol (Simonds, Lunny, Begg)
2. Lullaby (debris mix) (Simonds)


voices: Clodagh Simonds, Laura Sheeran, Matt Waldron, Jessica Way, Michael Begg, and various nameless others
harmonium: Clodagh Simonds
cello: John Contreras
violin, viola: Cora Venus Lunny
other sounds: Clodagh Simonds, Michael Begg

produced by Michael Begg



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