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alias grace - pieces

A new setting of the 'Pieces' lyric taken from the 'Storm Blue' Album, recorded especially for mp3 release. A sparse, understated performance from Sandra O'Neill and Peter Chilvers, echoing elements of June Tabor's folk-melancholy and the atmospheres of Gone To Earth-era David Sylvian.

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alias grace - griosach

Alias Grace return with three traditional songs from vocalist Sandra O'Neill's native Ireland, ranging from the choked guitars and pattering rhythms of She Moved Through the Fair to the atmospheric piano and guitar loops of Sally Gardens.

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henry fool - pills in the afternoon (mp3 download)

A rich and melancholic song especially recorded for a Polish compilation album released on WEA, 'Pills In The Afternoon' was recorded in 2003 and features Stephen Bennett, Tim Bowness and Peter Chilvers.

the lost levels - the lost levels ep (mp3 download)

Described as 'The Dark Side Of The Moon for the Nintendo generation', The Lost Levels self-titled debut E.P. is a beguiling Progressive Pop oddity detailing a musical journey through a computer game.Drawing influences from retro video games and video game music as well as classic artists such as Brian Wilson, Pink Floyd and Blur, The Lost Levels have combined their powerful and organic live sound with the 8-bit computer sounds they heard coming out of their computers to create a beautiful reminder of just how much fun it was to pretend.

no-man - burning shed event 16.06.06

Taken from the unexpected No-Man reunion performance at The Garage in Norwich, England on 16th June 2006, 'Things I Want To Tell You' was the spontaneously selected encore.

Featuring a piano-led approach radically different from the Together We're Stranger original, this intimate and heartfelt rendition of the song marked a stirring live return for a band that hadn't played together on stage since 1994.

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no-man - the break-up for real

Comprising the drum mix of 'The Break-Up For Real', 'Back When You Were Beautiful' and '(bluecoda)', this was a promotional release by Snapper Music to support the CD/DVD-A edition of No-Man's 'Together We're Stranger' album.

The EP comes with downloadable artwork.

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nosound - clouds

One of Nosound's more eclectic releases, 'Clouds' is a 3 track EP of exclusive, new, material recorded during the sessions for the band's forthcoming album, 'Lightdark'. This download Includes printable artwork.

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nosound - the world is outside (alternative mix) (mp3 download)

An alternative version of the title track from NoSound's forthcoming second album, 'The World Is Outside' is a richly melodic and melancholy, mellotron-drenched song (with hints of late-period No-Man and Porcupine Tree) that once again showcases Giancarlo Erra's great promise.

paul goodwin - edinburgh ep (mp3 download)

Goodwin's burnished blend of downbeat domestic poetry and cracked, acoustic beauty, calls to mind the West Coast 'sadcore' of Red House Painters, American Music Club and Idaho, while never losing sight of its uniquely personal and British origins.

This four track collection,is also available as a CDR from www.paulgoodwin.com containing three new studio tracks, and the 'mighty lord chilvers' remix of Ediburgh.

sandra o'neill - scattering (mp3 download)

A glimpse into the forthcoming debut solo album from Alias Grace / A Marble Calm singer Sandra O?Neill, ?Scattering? is an atmospheric blend of layered guitars and haunting harmonies reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and Beth Gibbons.

steve adey - find the way

'Find the way' is the first single taken from 'All Things Real', and contains album versions of 'Find The Way' and 'Last Remark' alongside new acoustic recordings of 'Find the way' and 'Mississippi'.

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steve adey - mississippi: remixed

Featuring new mixes of songs from Steve Adey's acclaimed debut All Things Real, Mississippi: Remixed includes inventive re-mix contributions from artists including Sweet Billy Pilgrim and A Marble Calm.On the one hand, the mournful, home-made alt-country of Will Oldham and Smog; on the other, the pristine atmospheres of the Blue Nile and Talk Talk.... - Sunday Times, Record of the Week

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tim bowness / peter chilvers - things I want to tell you

A radical piano and voice re-interpretation of the No-Man track recorded in rehearsal for the duo's live dates in Toronto 2004.

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